What is 'Calorie Surplus' ? (Hindi)

This video tells what calorie surplus is & how caloric surplus can be efficient to gain muscle. And also tells that it is necessary to stay in calorie surplus to gain weight. It is in Hindi.


3 thoughts on “What is 'Calorie Surplus' ? (Hindi)”

  1. Agar meri BMR value 1700 hai and maintenance calories 2700 aur mein fatloss karna chahta hu and 500 calories deficit Karu apni maintenance calories se
    Intake calories ho gai 2200( keeping correct macros in mind)
    aur 600 calories burn Kar rha hu gym mein
    To total calories jo burn hui pure din mein
    1700(BMR)+600(gym)+220(10% from digestion)= 2520 calories burnt
    Intake=2200 (500 less than maintenance)
    Difference=320 calories (burnt-intake)
    To deficit 320 calories hua ya maintenance mein se jo 500 Kam khaa rhe hai ? Ye confusion hai mujhe

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