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39 thoughts on “WHAT IM EATING TO LOSE 40 POUNDS!! CHEAP AND HEALTHY! | Jordan Cheyenne”

  1. I hate these people who constantly push their agenda of eating a ton of food for losing weight. I have never lost any weight whatsoever trying to adhere to this 1500-2500 calorie bullying. They are talking out of their asses since this is obviously not working for everyone. Stop sabotaging people.

  2. I actually only tried this weight reduction eating plan after my buddy bragged over it. Then I decided to join in because she lost 19 pounds from this. Look into β€œsowo hope site” on google.

  3. This is so not the inspiration I was looking for. weight loss, not starvation/processed junk. The body needs starches and actual food. I hope people with find channels like Mr. and Mrs. Vegan and High Carb Hannah for weight loss instead of these videos. Not trying to be rude but this is how eating disorders start/thrive.

  4. Veggie burgers are so good I actually just eat them as usual I make a real burger out of them I just use bread or hamburger buns and I do tomato and lettuce usually use Romaine and mayo and ketchup and one small slice of cheese
    I just feel like why deprive myself of things like that from eating healthy and I'm not over eating and if I can go to the gym and work out it should be OK I don't usually eat very much carbs though except for my dinner I know a lot of people are the other way around but that's just the way that works for me because I tend to not over eat at night but if I deprive myself of carbs in the evening thrn I'll end up eating more i feel like

  5. so far with my experience weight loss green store tea is great. Over the last two months i have lost 20 lbs. Some if the things i did was cut out soda and beer and increased my protein intake to 120 grams a day….i also try and eat salads when i can. but i have been doing all of this before and i only started to lose weight when i added this product to my diet

  6. I just subscribed, and by what ive watched she hasn't been vegan for that long. Becoming vegan is a transition…sometimes a long transition; starting from educating yourself to rethinking what and why your are turning vegan and changing eating habits and considering the products you intake or use. She's starting out and some am I. where I'm getting at is that there will be hits and misses maybe complete fails but if you are determined and persistent and willing one can better themselves. πŸ™‚

  7. Trying to lose weight isn't really number one on my list of things that are fun to do. It requires a lot of effort, focus, and dedication. Weight loss green store tea acts like a fitness coach. It helps me keep my food intake down and to get my metabolism to work a bit faster. I started losing weight faster when I started taking this and I'm really happy about it.

  8. Had taken this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product Tea product for approximately 7 weeks and lost an incredible 18 lbs. without even trying. Felt great. No cravings for snacks. No weird side effects. The product works! I've since reordered another months supply to help with the extra holiday weight. I've turned a few friends onto this product and they have had similar results. Try it. You won't be disappointed .

  9. you know what you can do to make your burger more yummy (well personally) with you veggie burger instead of adding a bun (which you didn't in this case) you could have a lettuce bun just wrap the lettuce in a bun shape and tada there you go and it really supplements the bun favor your "missing"

  10. you know what you can do to make your burger more yummy (well personally) instead of having bun (that you didn't have) you could have a lettuce bun it's really good so yeah grEAT saub

  11. I've been taking these for about one month now and I've lost 5 pounds already! Weightloss Green Store Tea really works as long as you eat right and take these as their supposed to I garrantee you.. you will see results! This is a must have if you really want to lose weight!

  12. Jordan you have helped me out a lot. I have a lot of health problems and I have done everything to drop a few pounds. Watching your video's helped me in my mental state of depression that never helped. I have been getting up the self-esteem to write to you. I would like to talk one on one with you for more help…

  13. I would recommend you eating a little more. And also I see that you lack energy sometimes, I would recommend a big glass of lemon water in the morning once you wake up and do energizing yoga then having breakfast and getting ready for the day. I started doing that and I had way more energy

  14. Hate to be that bitch on here but you are not eating enough.. Especially the way you kick ass at the gym. Lol just don't want young girls to think its okay to eat fruit every few hours thinking it's enough. This is why ppl who switch to veganism need to talk to a nutritionist. My friend did it and ate the way you do and ended up in the hospital from malnutrition even tho she only felt fatigued and looked fine.

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