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If you’ve watched vegan vlogs or “what I eat in a day” videos, you’ve probably noticed the amount cuts it takes for them to string one sentence together. It’s like a new take for each word! If you haven’t noticed, @frank.tufano, The Carnivore Goddess of The West, will happily point it out in his vegan “What I Eat in a Day” critique videos. He calls this the “vegan brain fog” because vegans lack nutrients to think… I love the humour from that guy! 😉

One video he won’t be critiquing will be my #vegan #intermittentfasting vlogs as they are perfect one takes… not because I’m fabulous, but because it’s easier to edit when you know what you want to say, aka I’m a little lazy when it comes to editing! But either way, I’m still fabulous and Frankie Boy knows it. If you’re interested in intermittent fasting, and vegan plant based intermittent fasting, be sure to check out my new video. I also chat about the vitamin supplements I take for training and why, and also the timing of my meals.

So, until next time…
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Jason x

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Disclaimer: I enjoy talking. Play video on 1.25x speed for less time looking at my face 🙃
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6 thoughts on “What I Eat | Vegan Intermittent Fasting + Supps for Exercise & Fasting”

  1. Dear Jason. I'm 100% whole-food vegan from Slovenia, Europe (vegan 7.5 years, vegetarian 23 years). I train 5x a week (swimming, running, fitness, calistenics). I did intermittent fasting for 2 years (18/6). I did experience some fat loss (in the first 3 months), but from then on ONLY muscle loss (body fat stayed the same).

    I had mad apetite! Few hours before break-fast I stared getting brain fog (but I was convinced that ''I'm just burning some extra fat, so it must be good''). And all that wonderful ''autophagy'', ''human growth hormone'', ''hormonal balancing'', ''anti-aging & anti-cancer processes'', etc…

    I took my 2nd DEXA scan. I lost 2.2 kg of muscle mass and gained 1kg of fat mass in 1 year (despite training like crazy and eating only whole foods – 2 meals a day, 3.300 calories). My total testosterone fell from 5.86 qg/l to 1.99 qg/l (this is what 120 year old male's ball produce). I experienced ZERO sex drive (basically men's version of amenorrhea).

    After 1 year of normal eating (3 meals a day, 4.000 calories) I regained 3.6kg muscle mass (and only 1 kg of fat mass along!). My total testosterone recovered from 1.99 qg/l to 4.24 qg/l (still not the same as pre-fasting levels, but I'm working on it). To this day I have MAD apetite. If I eat less that 4.000 calories a day I go to bed hungry (pre-fasting experiment I needed only 2.500 calories with 5 medium meals and never felt hungry + libido through the roof!).

    Now I'm eating 4 meals a day (2 sweet, 2 savoury, 4.000 calories). Starting 1 hour after wakeup, ending 2 hours before sleep, with only 3 hours pause between meals. My libido increased (I'm chasing girls just as I used to), my energy is on point, I never feel hungry, my strenght is all time high, etc…

    So please – for the sake of animals & your own health – STOP. Vegan diet (especially whole-foods-vegan) is ALREADY a fasting mimicking diet. You DO get the health benefits automatically. No further restriction needed. Your brain will shut down your body, it's evolutionary adaptation to famine. It leads to deficiencies, atrophy, disease and low quality of life in the long run. If you need a quick cut for photoshoot, fine, but DON'T do it for more than 1 month. Your body (and everything else) will suffer.


  2. I feel like you pressured yourself a little on this video brotha. (Could be because of avoiding someone from negatively judging you?)

    Anyway, props on doing minimal takes in this video regardless. I honestly like these kind of videos of what people eat in a day.

    Cheers Jason 🤙🏼

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