What I Eat In A Day | Meals, Snacks, & Workout Full Day Of Eating

By popular request, today I’m sharing what I eat in a day. This full day of eating video includes my meals, snacks, workout nutrition, and vitamins and supplements that I take. Along with regular time at the gym doing strength training, cardio, and a handful of Olympic lifts, eating this type of diet has led excellent health, building a lot of lean muscle mass and density, as well as finally shedding stubborn belly fat.

02:09 – Breakfast
03:27 – Lunch
04:00 – Dinner
05:14 – Snacks
05:47 – Workout Nutrition
07:14 – Post-Workout Recovery
07:44 – Supplements

I step on my Tanita scale twice a day and typically roll between 147-152 pounds, 7-9% body fat, and 60% total body water. For reference, I am 5′ 9″ tall.

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My personal trainer, Rick Kattouf, writes my workouts and was also my nutritionist when I was an elite-level cyclist. That was the time that I learned the principles and building blocks of eating well and how to eat to fuel the body for what we want to accomplish. I mentioned to Rick that I was doing this video and he graciously agreed to offer you guys a discount on his line of nutrition products as well as workout plans. Links and code is below!

Save 30% on ALL Team Kattouf nutrition products and Leandown Fitness training programs with CODE HSS30.

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34 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | Meals, Snacks, & Workout Full Day Of Eating”

  1. Great video and I would like more details on your gym workout (and how you make your breakfast and pack your lunch). I imagine as an ex athlete you have the discipline to maintain routines that a lot of others won't.

  2. QUESTION: Best men's little black suit…I love my Dolce and Gabbana, but I also loved my Christian Lacroix…used to wear Mugler, but I had the waist to wear them as they were always a size smaller than the rest of the suit.

  3. I started road cycling 3 years ago (at 50) and it's been life changing. Have done 3 century rides which I never imagined doing. Wish I had started younger. Do you still cycle just for fun/exercise? Maybe a video on cycling attire (jerseys, pants, shoes) and how to look stylish when cycling? Just a thought. Love your videos and look forward to many more.

  4. As an elite athlete I'm sure you had a lot of energy, but maybe not so much these days? Did you have coffee and do you think you still need coffee? I'm trying to quit coffee by increasing my cardio.

  5. Great content, thank you for the inspiration. For me regularly it is not a "Full Day Of Eating" but more a "Day Full Of Eating". Luckily I do not have any problems with my weight, but it is hard for me to gain muscles.

  6. More content like this please (workout, healthy diet stuff, healthy habits)… I know it's not the bulk of your content but it's really appreciated. …I myself have been trying to get in better shape and loose my baby bump lol

  7. Amazing discipline and advice to come back to. I'd certainly enjoy more fitness/health content. It's so interesting to see how eating habits differ culturally!
    Being in my early 20s, I can just eat what I like—I don't gain weight, that's a blessing and a curse. Though I should add that I'm keeping my meals healthy and visit the gym. And as soon as my metabolism changes, I'll be ready. Thanks as always—whatever you put out, it's enjoyable and thoughtful, Brian.

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