Viviscal for men – Hair Growth Programme

Hair can be affected by so many things, our choice of style, especially those tighter hairstyles like those tight top knots, or the man bun! Our choice of products has a huge effect. Such as bleaching, colouring excessively and improper washing following the use of dry shampoos and other styling agents. Plus throwing the biggest one in the mix by far, Mother nature! Yes, a huge attributable factor to our hair, who will lose their hair? Are you fighting against hereditary factors, or possibly medication affecting your hair leaving it not so great as what it used to be… And of course, our diets, in today’s busy and ever pushed and constricted society for time, how many of us eat the correct portions of fruit and vegetables to maintain and receive the correct levels of vitamins and minerals in our diet…? Probably not many… Exactly our poor hair!

Yes, it’s difficult to find the right balance with all of this, some more than others for instance if you colour your hair or bleach your hair and your noticing a difference in the thickness of your hair or your scalp is becoming problematic then of course lay of these products so much, possibly space your sessions out further or take the opportunity to embrace a different style or colour, that one could be quite easy. Now our diet if we are lacking in something, that may not be so easy to rectify. So, first things first if you suspect that you may be lacking in something such as vitamins or you’re not feeling quite yourself the first thing you need to do is to see a medical professional i.e. your family doctor to discuss this further and explore your concerns. Key things to look out for are, if you are lacking in energy, pale skin, generally noticing a difference in your day to day health, your sleeping patterns and of course losing excessive hair… But please if you notice any change what so ever always address this with a medical professional.

Now, once things have been explored with a medical professional and your clear of any things that need addressing, a great way to boast overall health and healthy hair growth is a multi-vitamin or a healthy hair growth supplement. It is always a good idea to discuss this with your doctor and certainly I would recommend this just to be safe and sound.

Recently, I have been noticing some slight changes in my hair, 2020 has been very tough and stressful and we are only in the first three months of the year. So naturally I am putting the changes in my hair down to this, I have suffered with hair fall before but this has grown back after some time of looking after my scalp and hair and supplementing my hair growth, controlling stress and eating a good diet, in my case it’s actually making sure I eat enough as often when things get stressful, I eat very little. Of course, you have to bear in mind that there is not one hundred percent in knowing that it is the supplement that is working or if it is your body and your scalp naturally resolving the issue, after all the body is a very amazing thing and resolves issues and elements itself. Though with this said supplementing healthy hair growth can only be but positive supporting an intake of good healthy ingredients and specialised complexes to support the best possible healthy hair growth.

In my own personal opinion I believe in food supplements and when correctly used believe they offer great effect to the body and overall health, as how can consuming all the correct things and nourishing the body with rich vitamins and minerals and specialised complexes as in to support healthy hair growth, be a negative thing. That is why I have chosen Viviscal to support my hair growth. Which boasts Zinc with marine protein complex AminoMar C. I have used it in the past for over 7 months and enjoyed good results, this was some time ago and now I hope to return to Viviscal and see the same results with me noticing positive changes in my hair.

Viviscal boasts 25 years of hair research and has many brilliant stories with assisting people both men and women in achieving the best possible hair growth. Of course, like all things in life, I do not believe this will work for everyone but I do believe it works for some. There is also a shampoo for men in the range which this may be something I will try along the way, as I have decided to partake in the hair growth programme for six months and along the way I intend to capture this on my channel at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. Hopefully detailing change and progression, fingers crossed.

Here I talk about starting Viviscal and discussing the product and also touch on my own hair concerns, I also show my hair in all its flat and fine glory… Want to find out more? Absolutely… Why not take a look I am open and honest, it worked for me last time I used the product, but if it doesn’t this time around I will be sure to share this with my channel.

Here’s hoping I enjoy good results…

Thank you very much for watching and see you in 1 month…


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