The Game Changers Review


The game changers is a documentary by James Cameron featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in which they portray vegan, top-notch athletes their various sports who have become plant-based vegans and removed eggs, meat, fish, and dairy from their diet.

And after they did this they saw tremendous changes in there performances. Several of them were now competing well past the age of anyone who had competed at that level in that particular sport.

Others are breaking records, weightlifting, running, sports records of all kinds are toppled psych people who refuse 2 eat animal protein to be healthy. The only reason we eat meat is 100% psychological. There is no physical reason why we should eat meat and there’s no physiological reason why it would be healthy for us.

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6 thoughts on “The Game Changers Review”

  1. The standard American diet is mainly plant based, processed sugar, vegetable (seed oils), grains and other rubbish. Go to Bart Kay’s YouTube channel he’s a scientist and debunks all this rubbish. You might do ok on a non processed vegetarian diet, but go vegan and after a couple of years your health will decline.

  2. Um, there was a group of scientists that got stranded in Antarctica and lived only on Seals, ALL meat and when they were rescued they looked/were Very healthy youthful with shiny almost red skin, healthy hair.

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