Strength Training & weight loss – FT Omar Isuf & Alan Thrall

What’s up guys part 1 of the Q&A featuring Omar Isuf and Alan Thrall is here! We address a lot of great questions asked during our squat and deadlift clinic. Some of the questions addressed had to deal with keeping strength while cutting, elbow & back pain while lifting, training with kids, programming for strength training and more! We hope you enjoy the video and the time stamps will be posted below!

Time Stamps:
0:00-3:00 How to build a following on social media
3:05-6:00 How to train with young kids at home
6:00-8:40 How to increase squat depth
8:40-9:25 Dealing with pain while squatting
9:25-17:31 LONG RANT about keeping strength while cutting lol
17:31-20:00 When do you know a client no longer needs your guidance as a coach/PT
20:00 – How to work around back pain while training

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25 thoughts on “Strength Training & weight loss – FT Omar Isuf & Alan Thrall”

  1. I have kids at home and I train at home (mostly). Iโ€™ve worked out in my kitchen with a weight vest and also with a loaded barbell, doing sets of pushups, pull-ups, OHP, front squats, etc in between children driven tasks (packing lunches, making breakfast, etc). Keeping a schedule for everyone helps. If everyone wakes up/goes to sleep at the same time every day, your dedicated training time can be mostly predictable.

  2. Thank you Omar! So if bikini model is too competitive for a goal and I need to be more specific: would it work to be a bikini model just for yellow bikinis? Or did I misunderstand that specificity thing?

  3. Training when you have kids is tough. That is part of why I invested in a garage gym. The Y that I went to didn't open until 5:00am making it hard to get home in time to help with my kids when they wake up. Now I am in my garage by 4:15 every morning. I also know that getting up that early isn't for everyone, but its literally the only way I can train now that we have two kids.

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