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  1. You are a very intelligent , informed person Victor . But we aren't really interested in these boring ramblings . Take off your shirt and show us your amazing body . Please and thank you !

  2. You have any advice on moving on– like from a disgusting break up where the woman you loved slept with 3 dudes. And how do you get her out of your mind. I lose sleep because of this. I also have the etc problems too but those are incomparable to thinking about this girl. Please do you have any advice on letting someone go? Thanks

  3. This tip is essentially for calming you down and controlling anxiety. If you find it too hard to hold your breath for that long, try breathing for 4, holding for 5, exhaling for 6 instead.

  4. I generally just meditate until i fall asleep. Breathing, clearing the mind and just trying to bring your body to peace helps. But i noticed that right before i fall asleep my body has a weird feeling too it.

    I noticed a sensation of sinking deep into my mattress combined with sudden disorientation right before i fall asleep. It's always the same although some nights it's more vivid than others.

    When i clear my mind and try to replicate this sensation of disorientation and sinking i often fall asleep very fast. I'm not sure if other people have the same experience but i think that replicating the last sensation you have right before you fall asleep helps the body into sleep mode.ย 

  5. Will test this. I dont sleep deep these days because i have 2 little kids that are waking me up during the nights and my body doesent allow me to go into deep-sleep-mode and i have hard time go to sleep once woken up. Even if i train hard i dont sleep good. Cant remember sleeping a whole night without being disturbed since i became a dad. ย 

  6. Hey Vic, I've noticed I can't further deadlift, overhead press, even bench to a degree or barbell squat without pain in my lower back due to what I believe is lower cross syndrome. What are your thoughts on it and/or experience? Do you think hyper extensions would help?

  7. I tried the breathing technique and it is absolutely amazing. I didn't think i'd fell asleep of it but I woke up the next morning not knowing when I fell asleep which is great.

    I do take magnesium before sleep with some Vitamin B6 and it helps alot.

    Thanks Vince!

  8. Me and the wife have no trouble sleeping, it is our two young children that wake us up each night. That is when we have trouble. Trying to take care of them during the night really makes you lose sleep but unfortunately it is part and parcel of having children. And yes we do feel awful most mornings. So hopefully they will grow out of it soon..

  9. I've tried the breathing exercise for some time. What I learnt: Inhale trough the nose, exhale trough the mouth. And put the tip of your tongue at the gum right above where your front teeth are in place.

  10. I like the breathing technique idea, I've done something similar for the last few years. At first It was difficult! but I progressed onto a deep breath of 4 – 5 seconds, holding for 30 seconds and breath out for 8 – 10 seconds. That is usually the sweet spot for me to feel much more relaxed and I breath normally after that with much less anxiety about sleeping!

  11. Cause of life i can only sleep 5 hours per day, i train 5-6 days a week. Ive always wonder whats the best routine for a natural bodybuilder. From a natural lifter like Victor is. Sugestions please?

  12. You have to consider the external factors of lack of sleep like caffeine in your body. Of course some breathing techniques will help quite a bit at first, but changing some "everyday" habits will give you the opportunity of a better and longer sleep. One trick I use is that I don't think about "going to bed" because that sounds boring, I like to think of it as the "muscle growth chamber" because it's actually when we recover and it just sounds fun. Thanks for the tip Vic.

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