Skin Care, Lifting + Should I Go To College? | #AskTheZenDudes 1



This is the first ever Ask The Zen Dudes Show. You ask questions related to health, fitness, jump rope, and lifestyle, and we give ya the answers. Let’s #dothething, have some fun, and get super lean fam!

Today’s questions:

3:50 – what skin care products do you dudes use?
4:35 – bodyweight exercises to replace weight lifting exercises?
5:11 – exercises instead of pullups / chinups
6:00 – what happens when your goals are met?
6:48 – are you living your dream or chasing it?
7:57 – any resources other than myfitnesspal for food tracking?
9:09 – does taking bcaa’s break your fast?
10:03 – how did you guys get started jumping rope?
11:35 – what techniques are you looking to perfect?
12:05 – best piece of advice you have been given?
12:40 – how should I incorporate weighted ropes?
13:21 – should I go to college?
16:02 – are you coming to india?
16:27 – should I lift weights?
17:13 – how did you learn to dance?
17:48 – how do I hit the gym 5 days in a row?
17:54 – what should I take before a workout if I cant get bcaa’s?

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32 thoughts on “Skin Care, Lifting + Should I Go To College? | #AskTheZenDudes 1”

  1. Just a note: When you talked about BCAA intake, around 9min… You are misleading. It's not about the amount of calories that you take that break your fast (you said 45cal I think). Being in a "fasted state", by definition means that your insulin level is at "base level". You can consume less than 45cal and not be at base level anymore. Fasted vs. not, doesn't mean "full vs. empty" stomach", it is insulin levels at base vs. above base.

    I love your program, keep up the good work 😉

  2. Hi ZDudes! Why don't you post 1x weekly an entire week of workout/diet/ZD thoughts etc.? That way I will know, say on every Sunday, what the week's workout plan is. Just a thought since posting daily can be challenging for a start-up business. I follow others on YT and like the format.

  3. The Zen Dudes were not around back when I started my weight loss journey but I can tell you that they are spot on, righteous and living in the moment.

    Nutrition > Exercise
    Cardio > Weights
    Body Resistance > Traditional Gym Work

    Nothing beat managing calories for weight loss. I repeat, NOTHING.

    My results = Over 100lbs lost in one year. Maintained and kept off for 5 years now.

    Worth mentioning: Mid 40s, Ironman Triathlete, 10+ time Ultra-Marathon finisher (but never ran a step until I was 38). Am I ripped like the Zen Dudes, Nope, but in my mid 40s I am not afraid to walk around without a shirt on.


  4. Sir please do make a visit to India …you guys have lots of followers here including me and my brother and we all would just love to meet you please whenever you're planning for India, please tell us beforehand…..
    Thank you guys I've learned a lot from your channel…Keep inspiring us !!!!

  5. bro this epic, can i ask you guys a question for next episode, how to get less pain when doing skipping ? also when should i skip during the day and for how long ? PS. im brownyoungandhungry from instagram that asked you guys many questions.
    please answer these questions in next episode thanks dan and brandon. 😛

  6. Hello, Zen Dude! Greeting from Indonesia 🙂 I love your channel, and you both are my workout motivation.
    I love hiking. Is jumping rope can be a good exercise for hiking activity? Thank you!

  7. Hey Brothers, I ordered the jump rope on 22nd Jan 2017 following the link you have mentioned in your youtube videos. But it is still not delivered to me. It seems to be held by customs in India… Dont know why.

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