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Today I share with you a few products that I have been using and some random chit chat.
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HandMD- This was sent to me for review and I have been using it since Aug 22nd and so far I am liking it very much- link:
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The Ordinary Multi Peptide Serum-

Nutri-OX Sally’s Beauty Supply-

Equate- Men’s Minoxidil-

The Ordinary SunScreen-

Timeless- Eye Cream-

The Olay Pro-Retinol-

Squalane Oil-

On my head – Henry Margu’s Danielle
I selected and received Danielle for review. Let me know what you think of her.
Henry Margu- Danielle in 14 H-

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My Eyelash Growth Journey using Careprost & Blinq – Bimataprost –

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45 thoughts on “Sephora Make-Up Class | Henry Margu Danielle Wig Review | Mature Beauty”

  1. Monika…you mentioned what you use on your neck area and I think your neck area looks great. Really…so I think u said Retinal A and some oil but I couldn’t quite get that. Can you share that please…another area of mine that needs attention 🤨 lol. Debbie

  2. I really like how you're wearing your real hair these days, a little longer and with an up-to-date cut. Looks great! I'll be curious to see what you think of The Ordinary hair serum in a few months. I bought it too but haven't started using it yet. This was a good reminder that I have it.

  3. I think the wig looks so similar to your real hair! A nice alternative if you don’t feel like you want to do your real hair! So cute and convenient for work or going out! I’ve worn wigs for over 20 years and love the versatility of having my “alternative hair”!👍

  4. Will be interested in the Hair product from The Ordinary, and I might get the other one you mentioned, for scalp stimulation. I know even though I got thick hair, I do get the hair in the shower, and I want to keep going with keeping my hair healthy and taking care of the scalp 🙂 The Wig looks lovely on you, I love how you showed with behind the ears. Have a good weekend Monika, love and blessings xoxo ,3

  5. Hi Monika! I love that wig! You look younger in that wig, I didn’t realize it was your video because of the wig. I really love it. I also want to mention that I think your own hair is looking much thicker and longer. You really look great and I always love your videos! Thanks for sharing 🌺😎

  6. I really enjoy your videos. This wig is a huge miss. Sorry. I love wigs, but this particular one is very off at the front and distracts from your own beautiful hair.

  7. Your so funny, dust bunny made me laugh😊 I know what you are saying about the hair in the shower. I would like to try the Ordinary product and give it a go thanks for telling me about it . That is interesting about Sephora I did not know they did classes great share. Hugs Susan

  8. I like that wig style on you. However, I do feel it looks more realistic outdoors than indoors. For some reason, the excessive shine to me gives it away. But outdoors it looks lovely and natural. Weird about that Ordinary sunscreen and the smell. I have not ordered it so can't speak to that, but taking a cue from you, I will not be purchasing it. Thanks for the review! That Sephora class sounds interesting! That is a great idea to give tutorials and classes on how to apply makeup. It is all about the technique! be well and be safe from this awful Florence weather! Looks like it might bounce a bit south now when it comes on shore and we might have some heavy rain and some wind even here in Atlanta! 🙁 xoxo Maria

  9. That really looks like a wig!I think it's because the bangs are so short as are the top layers. Not for you. Your own hair is better. The color looked better when you went outside – less brassy.

  10. Love your wig! The color and cut is almost identical to your natural hair. Keep wearing and having fun with it. I would love to purchase one for days when I don't want to fix my hair or when we travel. My natural hair is very fine and humidity makes it wilt. This wig would be perfect for those days. I live in Tennessee so we have lots of humidity here…Lol Thanks for sharing with us!!

  11. I think your own hair is looking amazing. I cant stand the feel.of wigs, gives me the creeps lol. That sunscreen, binned it, i tried to use it on my legs, so not to waste it. Nope. I just got my first tube of Olay. Not tried it lol. Im real out of sorts, and miles behind on my U Tube watching. Classes, great idea. XxxX 💖💗💝

  12. I am also trying to hand md 😉 I have never taken advantage of one of those Sephora things… So it will be interesting to know what you thought. I hope you’re having a great week XOXO Mary

  13. I always applaud your skincare routine 💃 Sephora classes sound great! I agree about contouring—- it can be tricky but I think your makeup always looks flattering. Ok, the wig: love the color, cut, and shape. I’m not sure about the part. The more you played with it the more I liked it. Have you ever tried clip in extensions? Your hair looks great but I know the feeling of loving the thickness of a wig. Hugs

  14. There is something wrong with the top of the wig.. It doesn't suit you.. I love the colour outside of the wig. It looked honey yellow indoors. I think it needs styling at the top and front of the wig so it's suits you better.. It is a lovely wig though. I'm not a hairdresser, but something isn't quite right with the top and front of the wig on you.. Reading some other comments I see I'm not alone in my thoughts.. Please do something different with your fringe on the wig.. You call it bangs in America. I'm Australian..

  15. Good Morning Monika, omg I too tried the Ordinary's sunscreen and I couldn't get by the pungent aroma either lol. I just love that wig on you, you look gorgeous, love it!! Have fun at your Sephora class, looking forward to your feedback!! Happy Thursday!! Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo

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