REVIEW: Snow Caps L-Glutathione Capsules (TAGALOG)

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Hello guys!

Today i share with you my thoughts and experiences while using the Snow Caps L-Glutathione Capsules. This is my first time to try out an oral whitening supplement. Watch the whole video to find out if its worth buying or not 🙂

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44 thoughts on “REVIEW: Snow Caps L-Glutathione Capsules (TAGALOG)”

  1. Hi Grace, good to know nag work sayo. Nag try ako ng 3 bottles, walang effect sakin. Hndi din naman din ako super maitim, but gusto ko sana yung pinkish glow effect. Pinaka effective sakin before yung belo and active white.🤗

  2. im 15 yrs old
    sabon ko lng ginamit
    grade 8 to 9 ako dami ko talagang pimples😭
    hanggang mag grade 10 na
    august date nun
    bumili nanay ko
    at first ko talga siyang ginamit
    medyu masakit at nangangati ka
    hangang umabot ng weeks
    nawala talaga pimples ko hindi na
    halos makikita pero nay mga maliit pa
    effective talaga yung
    ano sabon
    nakakaputi siya yung capsule
    mama ang gumamit ko tapos mama ko
    pumuti siya medyo
    kasi puti na talaga mama ko😂

  3. because of my insomnia, i take 2 caps before sleeping, tried & tested, i can sleep 8 – 10 hrs straight. maalimpungatan man ako, saglit lang, pagpikit ng mata ko ulit, tuloy tuloy na ulit tulog ko.. lalu na pag summer mahirap matulog sa daytime, since pang gabi ako.. pag 1 capsule lang kasi tried it for a week, d pa din nawawala insomnia ko… kaya if you have insomnia, take 2 caps.. works for me for 2 months taking gluta.. mahal nga lang at magastos pag 2 caps pero pag need mo talaga matulog at nahihirapan ka, take 2, else, kahit pa isa isa lang para naman d masakit sa bulsa…

  4. The researchers found that high levels of oxidized glutathione (GSSG) will actually promote sleep. GSSG is an active part of the neurochemical sleep promoting substance in our brain. Recent studies seem to indicate that our bodies do the major part of the glutathione replication during sleep. This is another reason to maintain adequate sleep. GSH promotes sleep, sleep promotes GSH.

    “Glutathione side effects” can be used as a term that describes the positive effect of optimal glutathione levels on our health.

    When cells have abundant glutathione precursors and cofactors, and are able to manufacture glutathione without any impediments in the amounts and at a pace they need, these positive glutathione side effects are:

    Improved immune function (resistance to infection and various pathogens, timely elimination of cancerous cells, proper regulation of immune response)
    Improved energy levels
    Improved mental focus
    Improved physical strength and muscle function
    All of the above become possible because glutathione works on a cellular level to:

    Eliminate toxins
    Eliminate carcinogens
    Provide an adequate antioxidant response
    Protect from ionizing radiation
    Correct gene expression
    Ensure proper synthesis, protection and repair of DNA
    Ensure proper expression of enzymes

  5. I used to take this snowcap for almost 6mos..i noticed its really work but not really make you white as in whiter, it made my skin glow but i noticed i have small pimples coming out while im taking this product.

  6. Sabi ng doctor kailangan 500mg Lang ang iinuming gluta . at may vit c na ito. Anti aging. Nakalinis ng atay. At Yung metabolism . Side effects ng gluta ay Yung puputi ang gumagamit nito. Bakit Yung sinabi ng iba may e .take pa ng ibang product

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