Rest Days, Pre-workout + How Tall Are The Zen Dudes? | #AskTheZenDudes 13

Why Our Name Is Zen Dude Fitness, Our Opinion Of Pre-workout, & How Tall Are We? – Ask The Zen Dudes Episode 13






This is the Ask The Zen Dudes Show. You ask questions related to health, fitness, jump rope, and lifestyle, and we give ya the answers. This week we address why we named our company zen dude fitness, our opinion of using pre-workout, & how tall we are. Enjoy and comment below 🙂

Today’s questions:

1:24: have you guys ever done brazilian jiu jitsu?
2:06: do you guys take rest days?
3:53: 3 favorite movie characters?
5:25: are bcaa’s worthless?
6:46: should I use pre-workout?
8:37: who would win a thumb war (go!)
9:20: does athletic greens break your fast?
10:18: zen dude travel plans? st louis?
11:10: can I catch a cold taking cold showers?
12:35: is fat lost in our sweat?
13:14: where can I get a dothething shirt?
13:45: dan, can you moonwalk?
14:01: can I jump rope on concrete?
16:09: why the name “zen dude fitness?”
17:54: have you ever been caught masturbating?
19:16: how to fit healthy foods into your macros?
21:42: tips for starting a business?
24:43: what is your height?
25:55: favorite veggies and protein sources?
27:27: do longer crossropes help with tricks?
27:50: will you be creating more jump rope programs?
29:07: normal for my arms to hurt when jumping?

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25 thoughts on “Rest Days, Pre-workout + How Tall Are The Zen Dudes? | #AskTheZenDudes 13”

  1. I recently came across you guys.. love the simplicity of a jump rope and body weight exercises.. I get bored really easily, although the intensity of jump rope and different body weight exercises keeps me motivated!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Masters of Zen! Sorry, I know you accumulate questions over on the Facebook page, but I have actively cut out FB recently and hoped you wouldn't mind a question here. When it comes to logging and hitting your calories/macros- I have found a lot of the foods/meals I enjoy include more healthy fats than carbs (avocados, nut butters, lean meats, coconut oil, etc.). Is it terrible if I hit my total calories and protein numbers for the day, but perhaps have more fats than carbs in my macros (in regards to personal daily goals)? I am usually over a little in fats and under in carbs for the day. Appreciate any insight!

  3. How do you guys breathe when jumping rope or doing any other workouts. I have asthma but I'm still getting through the workouts but I was wondering how you guys would recommend breathing with someone who has asthma. Btw i love your channel and you guys are rad

  4. hey Guys i don't want to sound like an A Hole because i think what you do is amazing just How come on your website you charge for the lifetime course and if you can get lean by watching your youtube videos and using the calorie calculator why do we need to pay?

  5. That part about the fat cells not growing is actually not correct. If you gain weight your fat cells can actually increase and that makes it harder to lose weight in the future. everytime you have a new maxweight your original "standard body" is changed a little bit.

  6. lol holy shit im so much im similar, i prefer boxing over jiu jistsu, heath ledger over any other previous jokers, and god damn rest days, i hate them, with a passion, unless i absolutely need it i avoid them at all costs, and pre workouts, straight black coffee and that's that. Grats on 80k btw, awesome as always zen dudes.

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