Real Physique Update | How To Shift Tummy Fat | Full Day Of Low Carb Eating

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Hints and Tips for your
– Workouts
– Training
– Diet
– Nutrition
– Gaining Muscle
– Shredding
– All Round Aesthetic Progression & Living Life!



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33 thoughts on “Real Physique Update | How To Shift Tummy Fat | Full Day Of Low Carb Eating”

  1. I absolutely loved this video and loved how long it was! Perfect for helping me through my cardio 🙂 Really appreciate the regular uploads as well, and all the motivation and guidance. I feel like such a saddo waiting for a video hahah but always look forward to a video from you! Makes my day! Thank you.

  2. Hello! Just a quick question on the Dr Zak’s protein cookie… how come on screen it says 4g of carb when on the packet it says 28g?? Do you only take into account the low impact carbs of the cookie? Love your videos 😍😘

  3. I totally agree about not following people who make you feel inadequate or bad about yourself. I have totally unfollowed people in the past because of that….and even though Lainey, you are many inches shorter than myself, I feel more in common with you because of your mindset, struggles, and age! Thank you Lainey!

  4. Yes YouTube isn't putting your video in my inbox which is annoying tomorrow I will make an effort to go over you videos. I do online shopping too for the same reasons. You have and continue to inspire me .

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