PROBLEMS WITH VEGANISM | Ashley Elisa vs Vegans

Ashley Elisa’s channel is running hot in the YouTube algo’s which is how I saw her channel pop up on my feed. I watched some of her videos and saw the “Problems with Veganism” video so it was a logical response video I had to make, especially when I agree with a lot of her non-vegan views.

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Time Stamps

0:48 Ashley Elisa Intro
1:35 B12 Deficiencies (Part 1)
2:51 My Thoughts on Ashley Elisa
4:12 List of Points to Address
5:13 Almond Milk Bad for the Environment
6:09 Bees, Vegans Kill them and Bad for Environment
6:57 Depressed Vegans on YouTube
7:11 (Shoutout to “LilCheetah”)
8:45 Animal Agriculture Industry: The Options
9:52 Everyone Won’t Go Vegan + Hunting (my opinion)
13:02 “Meat is Masculine” but Women should Eat Meat too
14:07 “Meat is Masculine” and Mean should Always Eat Meat
15:57 Most Liberals are Vegan
17:00 B12 Deficiencies (Part 2)
17:42 Iron Deficiencies
18:16 Mental Health Problems Higher in Vegans
18:46 Veganism is NOT the Only Answer to Our Problems
19:32 Call Out to Ashley Elisa for a 1-on-1 YouTube Discussion

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*Disclaimer: I enjoy talking. Play video on 1.5x speed for less time looking at my face 🙃

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12 thoughts on “PROBLEMS WITH VEGANISM | Ashley Elisa vs Vegans”

  1. Honestly I like your response. It was really respectful/nice. I do watch a lot of vegan content actually because I find it really interesting and the viewpoints. I worked in a vegan shop for 2.5 years and talked to a ton of vegans about their health.

    I do agree with you that we could eat less meat and fish. But I just don't think veganism is sustainable health wise. Also the b12 in greens is an analog to b12 but isn't as well absorbed in our body. Good vid though, subbed.

  2. I go veg twice or thrice a week for religious reasons. I still eat meat as I need the nutrition. I wouldn't recommend going full veg. Lack of B12? … smart girl. Take eggs, milk or cheese at the very least. You also need to consider.. what type of soldiers will your nation produce? How will you fight ISIS?

  3. Give this guy another 6 years, and his cholesterol will drop to dangerous levels resulting in heart attacks and B12 deficiency which destroys lebito and testosterone. His gut will be destroyed from the enormous massive amounts of carbs, plants & grains in his diet which translate to sugar…

    Steve Jobs died in his 50's being a vegan and frutarian, eating meat has been around for 100,000 years yet veganism hasn't even hit 60 years and people are dying of it from mal nutrition… Veginism is a cult

  4. Great video! 🙂 And I agree, lots of vegan Youtubers and Instagrammers just annoy the shit out of me with their content that makes us vegans look like some weird freaks. For me hunting animals is and has always been far better than raising animals at farms.. if it's not the very cruel hunting where animals get chased to death. Especially now that I did get some insights into the hunting business. And yes, I used to think veganism is THE solution when I started being vegan, I changed my mind about that.

  5. Is the B12 being from animals but in the what's it called micronutrients in pill form is better than slaughter more animals for food but still splitting the animal products amongst more people.. am I clear.. heard a debate before on the B12..

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