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Personal Training Software
Personal Trainer Software
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Fitness Meal Plans
Calorie Specific Menus
Workout Plans
Proven Workouts
70,000 Menu Items
OPT Specific Workout Plans
Workout Builder
Calorie Specific Reference Menus

Access to multiple lifestyle menus designed by registered dietitians
Access the CalorieKing food database of over 50,000 foods
Online food log featuring simple drag-and-drop technology
Calorie targets automatically based on your goals
Your own menus, meal plans and favourite foods
Ability to track caloric deficit or surplus in real time, online
Personalised dietary supplement recommendations to support your specific goals
Unlimited access to videos, articles, and FAQs

Targeted Exercise Plans
Lose weight, get lean, build muscle, improve your athletic performance or relieve nagging body pain we have the proven program to help achieve those goals. Different bodies have different needs and there are specific exercises that, when done properly, will accelerate your results. We’ll get you fit with proven cardio, resistance and walking programs along with thousands of fitness videos developed by the professionals at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. These are the same routines used by pro athletes, top fitness clubs and personal trainers around the world.

Member Management Portal
On the fly you can check your clients progress to see when their programs were created, Last food log, Last Activity Log, Last Measurement Log, Website Login Log, with the ability to jump in and change the program requirements with a. Few clicks. Easily manage their success with easy accountability control.

Online Personal Training Software
Online Personal Training App
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