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Holistic Personal Training Software
Worlds Only Personalised Software
Worlds Only Personalised Holistic, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Solution

Giving trainers the freedom to increase their value while getting greater results both in their business and their clients.

Whether you’re looking for a simple weight loss program for your members or a holistic nutrition platform that you can easily integrate into your facility’s operations, this will be the perfect personal training software solution.

Finally Software for personal trainers that takes care of everything!
– Meal Plans
– Workouts
– Coaching
– Built-in Accountability
– 100% mobile Optimised App
Designed for personal trainers, This helps you with your clients to reach their goal faster on a proven plan.
There is also included thousands of articles and FAQs, plus a whole community of fitness & nutrition experts.
From your client you will have access;
– Daily targets for how many calories you clients should burn and eat to get to their unique goal
– Daily calories burned
– Easy-to-use food log
– Detailed nutritional breakdown (including Macro)
– A food database of over 70,000 foods
– Multiple lifestyle menus designed by registered dietitians
– Unlimited cardio and weight training plans
– Customised dietary supplement recommendations
– Continuous feedback to stay on track to their goal
– Extensive community platform
– Access to extensive library of weight loss, fitness, nutrition,
performance, senior, youth and women’s health topics
– Workout Builder
– Complete customised Workouts and Meal Plans
– Monitor your clients habits, check what they are eating
– Know when clients are exercising
– Built in messenger

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