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Hints and Tips for your
– Workouts
– Training
– Diet
– Nutrition
– Gaining Muscle
– Shredding
– All Round Aesthetic Progression & Living Life!



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39 thoughts on “Peak Week | Physique Updates | Gymshark HQ | Hair Care”

  1. 13:09 please dont flex ur knees all the way it makes ur legs look goofy. Its like you're reverse reverse jointed. Please dont take it wrong. I love you i think you look gorgeous and all. its just the reverse joint look that i cant get behind. i think you would look even more awesome if you can get that out of the way.

  2. Why the antihistimine? Does it help with water retention or is it for allergies? Just wondering because I have terrible allergies lol..what is the name/brand of the water retention pill you are taking? Wondering because the ingredients are good! Okay, back to the video..I may have more comments under this later, lol, so check back! 😉

  3. Daily microfoliant isn’t a cleanser its an exfoliant to use after your double cleanse! Im a beauty therapist and trained in dermalogica! I would suggest ‘precleanse balm’ followed by ‘special cleansing gel before your exfoliant!!

  4. Enjoyed the update, you looked amazing in the competition. Please please please make the cottage pie on your cooking channel, it looks so yummy and would like to make it for my fiance 😀 x

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