Peak Week Physique Update | Full Day Of Eating | Upper Body Circuit

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22 thoughts on “Peak Week Physique Update | Full Day Of Eating | Upper Body Circuit”

  1. The last 5lbs and the quest for leaner legs is what damages so many peoples hormones and bodies, it is even worse after 30. I've seen this time and time again and ppl having to resort to ivf due to ovaries shrinking or sleeping from being in a deficit for too long. You look amazing and I suggest you monitor your hormones levels as you proceed. Being lean and skinny is addictive as you are flooded with compliments but what it could cause is not worth it. #experience

  2. Looking great Lainey 😚 best of luck in this next competition. I admire your approach to prep. No crazy restrictions, no bro diet 😊
    I was curious- where in turkey are you going? Have you been before? I was looking into holidaying there this year but have been put off by people saying it's too dangerous :/

  3. Lainey, you looked amazing on stage both times! You shouldn't feel like you 'disappointed' anyone! I watched all your prep not because 'winning the competition', I watched it because you motivated me to try to reach my goals and showed us what hard work and dedication is! Keep up the amazing work ❤️

  4. Keeping secrets naughty naughty, lol. But seriously as a viewer, very proud of you, your attitude is so uplifting. Thank you for sharing. Now then you guys have a great time on holiday, wishing you both all the best.
    Just a quicky for both you and lex as he has been doing the 7 day transformation, which I have been watching as well. What sort of body fat levels are you guys? You especially I assume would be in single figures . It just jumped into my head as I use a Fitbit scales thing. Do you guys track body fat? Or just by feel? Ok I will stop blabbering again have a great time on holiday.
    Dad hugs

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