PCOD/PCOS Problem Tips,Diet Plan And Solution In Telugu/Every Girl Should Know

PCOD/PCOS Problem Tips And Solution In Telugu

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By the end of this video, I will make sure that you know what PCOS / PCOD is, why it happens and what you can do to control it, so that you have your periods regularly along with a PCOD diet plan that you can even download and print.

PCOS basically means that your ovaries are under a lot of pressure and that is why they are not functioning properly. And this has started showing in other parts of the body as acne, irregular periods, obesity, weight gain and difficulty in conceiving.

As reported by the India Times, 1 in every 5 Women in India has PCOS. So today we will learn why Indian Women in particular have PCOD and what steps are necessary to make sure that we treat PCOS/PCOD.


Meal 1: (Breakfast – 8 AM)

· 2 Egg Whites + Whole Wheat Toast
· Idli/Poha/Upma/Semiya (with Chutney)
· Paratha
· Oats with Milk

Meal 2 (Mid-Morning Snack – 10:30 AM)

· Butter Milk
· Regular Cup of Tea
· Dry Fruits
· Coconut Water (Summer Special!)

Meal 3 (Lunch: 12:30 PM)

· Salad (Cucumber/Beetroot/Carrots) + Daal / Sabji / Paneer / Rajma / Chana + Rice / Roti + Curd
· Chicken + Jeera Rice / Roti
· Curd + Vegetable Pulao

Meal 4 (Mid-Evening Snack: 4 PM)

· Handful of Peanuts
· Peanut Butter on a slice of Brown Bread
· Upma
· 2 Boiled Eggs
· Chana Salad

Meal 5 (Dinner: 7 PM)

· Salad (Cucumber/Beetroot/Carrots) + Daal / Sabji / Rajma / Chana + Rice / Roti
· Khichdi

Meal 6 (Before Bed: 9 PM)

· Glass of Milk

General Guidelines:

· You can choose to exercise either in the morning or in the evening. Have a piece of fruit (any local seasonal fruit), 30 minutes before your workout.
· Keep changing the type of Sabji so that you include a wide variety of vegetables in your diet.
· Limit your tea/coffee to 1-2 cups every day and never have it first thing every morning or last thing in the night.
· Avoid aerated drinks (even diet coke), chips, candies or anything that comes ready to eat in a packet or can be cooked “instantly”.
· Try eating at home as much as possible and include just one cheat meal (cheat meal, not day) every week.
· If you are following this plan and skip a meal or have a cheat meal in between, then don’t give up on the entire plan and end it with a Diet Coke and a Burger. You can immediately restart and get back to the plan.
· Make sure you include whole grains, Daal, milk, milk products, fish, eggs, paneer, cheese, flax seeds, walnuts and green veggies in your diet. They not only improve your hormones but also improve your insulin sensitivity.
· If you noticed, I’ve not mentioned the quantities of each food. Because nobody should decide the quantity of food you eat. No dietician, no doctor, no trainer. The quantities that are too little for me, might be too much for your body. It’s only your stomach that should get to decide how much is enough. So learn to eat slowly and pay attention so that you know exactly when to stop. As they say, a wise man knows when to stop eating but a fool always over eats.

Along with this DIET plan, as mentioned in the video, get best friends with regular exercise.

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  2. 1 n hlf year back e video chusunte bagundu. Now i am suffering with pcos. in starting no one believed it is caused through stress. Now they understood. Love and care will definitely reduce pcos.

  3. Hi alekhya Garu, I am Lavanya from Vizag. I have PCOD problem. E video naku Chala helpful. Naku stress ekkuva Kuda. Kani YouTube videos chusthunnapti nundi naku aka videos cheyalanipisthundi. But naku denikossm cheyalo teledu. Naku skin care routine, manchi vantalu, em ravu. Denigurin hi cheyali? Nenu lonely gane feel avuthunna present. Please naku emyna suggestions ivvandi.

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