One Month After Going Vegan: My Skin's Breaking Out!

Hey, guys! It’s Kali aka @myfacestory on Instagram! Join me on a chatty, honest update how going vegan affected my energy level, lifestlye and my skin! I decided to go vegan few months back and here are my pros and cons!

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6 thoughts on “One Month After Going Vegan: My Skin's Breaking Out!”

  1. It’s definitely the lack of dairy in your diet that’s causing your skin to freak out. The other possibility is if you have introduced more sugar (both processed and fruit sugar) into your diet. I am dairy/sugar free for 1 year and if I even have a mini snickers my face will break out. I would suggest making sure your sugars are staying under 15g a day. Take a look at some of the dairy alternatives you are using. They usually have a higher sugar content. Also! A lot of natural sugars don’t have to be listed under the “sugar” percentage so make sure to read the ingredients. For example, sugar alternatives (natural sugars) such as stevia, agave, Splenda etc. and keep the fruit eating down too!

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