No diet, no exercise, how to burn belly fat fast. Best diet plan for 50 year old woman to lose weight

We as earlyman or primitive men from the time immemorial have been hunting animals for food. Even animals store fat in their tails or humps to be used during harsh climatic conditions. Even cavemen used to eat a lot when food was plenty, so that the stored fat can be used during scarcity. This is the genetic friendship between fat and human body, in other words can be defined as “Cravings” which is in our genes and won’t go for the time being.

No one can curb the cravings, maybe some determined, self controlled people can do, more than 90% will find it difficult to do so.

Now in this century, we feed on craving addicted foods and beverages “Before we are even Born” i.e. from the womb itself.

We eat all sorts of things in our daily lives. The question is “can we stop the cravings”.


So obviously we gain Weight. Next problem will be how to reduce it.

Experts will say to eat lots of fruits & vegetables including high protein breakfast, eat soluble fibers, etc. Should include vitamins & minerals in one’s diet. Drink water before meals. Avoid fruit juice or sugary drinks. Drink lots of water.

Let’s suppose we follow all the above-mentioned rules, are we getting results, the answer is a “BIG NO”

The reason we are not getting results is because of our cravings!!!

SO the root cause is CRAVINGS. No one has found a way out of our cravings.

So I think someone has just found a way for our CRAVINGS. I think one should give it a try to get some results and see for themselves.

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