My thoughts on Energy Drinks (Red Bull and Monster) and PWOs (Pre-Workout Supplements)

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50 thoughts on “My thoughts on Energy Drinks (Red Bull and Monster) and PWOs (Pre-Workout Supplements)”

  1. Hello from Canada! Awesome fitness videos! I was curious because you are from Sweden, are you a fan of hockey? Or any thoughts on it? Do you know of Elias Petterson, or the legend Mats Sundin

  2. Wait so just to be clear, you think energy drinks should be taken 1- 2 times a month, yet coffee is ok for daily use? I usually buy an energy drink if I don't have access to hot coffee (no more than once a day). My limit for coffee is 2 cups, and the average 16 oz energy drink has around 125 mg of caffeine. A cup of coffee on average has 80- 95 mg, making two cups give or take 200 mg. Presuming that caffeine is the main culprit for stressing the body, how is one energy drink worse than a few cups of coffee a day? None of the other usual ingredients in energy drinks seem bad to me (taurine, ginseng, guarana), actually useful.

  3. If you need energy, consume animal fats and cut down on sugar and carbs. It will last you all day. Caffeine just releases stress hormones, wearing your body out prematurely. Just look at people who suffer from stress long term and imagine doing the same to yourself chemically every day! Stimulants are for degenerates.

  4. What are your opinions regarding energy drinks from Nocco and Celsius???
    I used to drink piss like Red Bull and Wolverine so I just wondering if my current options are healthier or not?
    Take note that I only consume a can of Nocco/Celsius every second week, more or less…

  5. Just started working out a few weeks back, don't really take supplements or anything, I don't want to use my money on that personally. Only thing I'm worried about is actually doing excersises right, been struggling with slowing down to tense muscles, thankfully I go with a buddy of mine from work so he helps me out.

  6. Hello Viking, how are you ?
    I swim since a long time..
    I thought that i was strong.
    And the last week i tried to make the pumps that i did in the past..
    I was ridiculous…So i decided to do it again and to begin a barbarian again.
    Man i come from the south west of france and i have to honor like you my ancestors..
    Fred from france

  7. I used to be hooked on Rockstar years ago and then went off it but started drinking Red Bull and cheap energy drinks.
    I've often found that after drinking them I get this sickly feeling in my stomach and that's helped me quit them. They're not worth it.

  8. I feel 0 side effects from Gfuel, which I tried on a whim. There’s no tangible stress on the body unlike with coffee and sugary drinks, despite drinking it 5/7 days a week for like a month. No idea why.

  9. Hey man whats going here can any Swedes explain what this guy is saying. He's an african living in Sweden calling for whites to be shot.

    Edit: no one? This "swede" is calling for race war with whites,and non of you swedes take an interest?

    Edit 2: seriously no one has any interest in this.i wabt to know.

  10. For several years back between 2004-2008 my son (who is now 48 years old) worked for Nelson Tree Service, and during one really hot summer one of the managers from the home office called my sons's boss and told him not to be letting any of the tree climbers or ground crew guys be drinking energy drinks, because there had recently been over a dozen Nelson employees who had had either heat strokes or heart attacks because of the heat, and they had all been drinking energy drinks. I used to really like certain energy drinks, but when I heard about that I quit drinking them. That was over ten years ago and I've probably had a total of four energy drinks since then.

  11. I personally stopped using pre workout supplements, due to them not really having an affect on me, or wearing out before I've even hit the gym, and then crashing out.

    Made the mistake recently of having a Monster before finishing work and heading to the gym. For the first 20 minutes, I was really feeling pumped up and great, then I started to feel dizzy and sick. Never again.

  12. do you need to get whey? still not sure how to feel about it. didn't buy any yet since I always think why not just spend the same money on food. and for just milk that's boiled and only has proteins left, it's rather expensive imo.

  13. I have an energy drink once or twice a week. Usually during time off.

    I prefer a brand that doesn't have too much caffeine or calories. It's pretty middle of the road. Low sugar as well. No fake sweeteners. Part of the sugar is from the fruit juice in it.

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