MORNING WORKOUT ROUTINE 2015 | Jordan Cheyenne

Fall Morning Workout Routine 2015! THUMS UP For a Night time Routine!!
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What type of routine do we wanna see next!??
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33 thoughts on “MORNING WORKOUT ROUTINE 2015 | Jordan Cheyenne”

  1. I dont know if you still do this or not, but you shouldnt do static stretching before a workout, only after. Try dynamic stretching for a warm up.. like high knees, arm swings, toe touches, jumping jacks.. that sort of deal.

  2. Wow this video is amazing quality I felt like I was watching a movie. I can tell you're working hard keep it up girl πŸ’– I really hope more people start to notice you because you're so dedicated & your a G8 mom

  3. AWESOME!!! keep rockn it!!! I try to work out 6 days a week, I like doing Jillian Michaels workouts right now I'm on her Killer Body series. Since I teach, workout DVD's tend to be my go to I'm up to 30 min workouts!

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