Meditation for Whispering Technique

Meditation for how to really use the whispering technique. Here are a few more whispering technique youtubes: …


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  1. On the second part: do we repeat what we whispered them in the first part of the meditation and loop it 10 times or is it something different but with the same format ‘tell A… ‘. Thank you!

  2. Yes this technique definitely works. I just recently had it come to forwishen. My whisper technique was for SP to telling me he was in love with me. Just this last Sunday he said to me I'm falling in love with you. I forgot that that was one of the whisper techniques I did and right now it just occurred to me that I had done that. Wow😊

  3. I just found this technique & did it 3 time today… I am waiting for the results… I really want my SP to contact me… but I got a very calming feeling after & have the assurance that he will connect again… TY

  4. So the first time I whisper it into my SPs ear and the 2nd time just think of him/bring his pic in my mind's eye and just say it to him(not whisper into his ear) whatever it is that i want him to say to me. Am I getting it right?

  5. Ok, it hasnt exactly worked YET, but IT IS WORKING. Not only are we talking, but my electricity went out and he invited me over for a hot shower and a night of flirting, laughing and movies. I slept on the couch, since he is still technically in a relationship, but we both wanted so much more, and we both even said so. He kissed my forehead, asked if I wanted to cuddle, and I gave him a raincheck for when he is single again. I know he is a man worthy of my trust now, able to control his urges, and my words are coming soon. Eventually IT WILL BE THE EXACT WORDS, bc he cant marry me until after he tells me that he loves me. 😉 Agnes, I AM THE ONLY PERSON I LOVE MORE THAN YOU….lol…ok, you come in a close 4th after me and my 3 grown kids, but still….I LOVE YOU, LADY! I'll move HIM up to 4th once I hear those words! No worries…I'll be back then! I am off to do 3 or 4 "love me's" now. I HEARD YOU, AGNES…AND I UNDERSTAND HE CAN ONLY LOVE ME AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS I LOVE MYSELF, SO I AM FALLING HARD FOR ME SOME MEEEE!!!!!! I'll know I'm there, when I am just loving me, with no regard to WHY I STARTED in the first place. ❤❤❤

  6. Hi agnes…. please help people like me who are a bit confused dear…like you said say 10 times …so for example if i want him to say marry me. So do i need to repeat it 10 times?? Like please say you love me and lets get married…is it so?? In other video you said half a dozen times…so is it i need to say 6 times.??? Please it would be very kind of you to reply pls

  7. Hey Agnes really Love you for your words, thoughts and the person you are.. Request you to speak a little louder as it is little struggling to hear the words specially when outside on the roads or traveling or any noise around.. Don't mind.. 🙂

  8. He TXT me!!!!!! The last night, I did this video right before bad along with another video close to bedtime. I found your videos about a week ago shortly after I broke up with someone too soon. I felt really bad for what I did and how I did it. And my boyfriend was extremely upset with me. 4 days ago I did another video in my car and shortly after I got a text but, the text was basically telling me that he was moving forward. He said in a very nice and loving way. After I saw that text I wrote him back, I wrote a very loving text message to him and did not hear from him afterwards. I honestly truthfully didn't think I was going to hear from him again, especially on the heels of how I broke up with him. A whole day goes by and I still don't hear from him and last night before bed I listen to this video along with another one. I fell asleep. I woke up 30 minutes later to a text from him! Basically he was saying he was open to talking to me if I still wanted to that he was free right when he was sending me the text message but if not he would be free the following day. I seriously can't believe this! Although I don't know if we're getting back together, I am hoping that he is open to giving it another shot. We shall see! I'm to talk to him sometime today. Thank you for your videos, for your help, for creating your channel, for all that you do for this community!❤

  9. I absolutely love your meditation techniques! I discovered them last night. I did one last night, and one today, along with starting practices from “The Magic” gratitude book and I’m already seeing results!

    My SP barely ever messages me and ended up messaging me today, out of the blue! I’m really excited to manifest my desires 🙂

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