Meal prep for maximum WEIGHT LOSS! Super easy and budget friendly!

NEW updated weight loss video:
Meal prep for weight loss for women! Budget friendly & easy!
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42 thoughts on “Meal prep for maximum WEIGHT LOSS! Super easy and budget friendly!”

  1. Public service announcement: Just becuase something says sugar free doesn’t automatically make it better for you. For instance, Walden Farms sugar free syrups contain a compound called “carrageenan”. Carrageenan is a known CARCINOGEN.

    You know what else contains carrageenan? That Almond Breeze brand of almond milk. Yeah check it out. End of PSA. Thanks 🙏🏼

  2. thank you… we have exactly the same body type. I am also tall like you, also 165 pounds, I also aim to be 150.. I also go to gym regularly, eat healthy-isa but stay at the same weight. I feel so bad for months.. why?? just why? I also have lean muscle on my legs but extra fat I want to lose. I also have a big shoulder built, but skinny on the stomach area. I relate to you so much… I will try these meal preps.. if it's working for you it should work for me.. I was about to lose hope. like really! why do I stay at the same weight for gods sake when I am sweating at the gym 4x a week

  3. So glad for this video as I am trying to change my diet. I was super nervous to upload my first YouTube video because my stomach wasn’t “perfect” but I did anyways but that was my first step on accepting who I am. But I want to accept fitness
    -sign mom x3 with a “mom bod”

  4. Hey I am interested in getting the scale using ur code. Do I need to add both scale and food scale to order to receive free food scale or do they automatically ship it to you even if it doesnt show up in the cart when I add the digital body analyzer??

  5. Happy to see you doing meal prep/fitness videos again! Also I like the change of not only doing plant-based meals. I realize that some people are vegan but most of us still eat meat and it’s getting harder and harder to find healthy non vegan meal ideas it seems like!

  6. christian giving kisses to sadie was the video highlight. sorry, boo. lol. can you do a "what i eat in a day" type video when you're not being overly careful, aka living a little, with your meal choices? that'd be fun to see too

  7. When I say this I don't mean to be mean but this is the first time in a long time I haven't seen you try to be fake happy. You are such a beautiful person! I am a single mom and know the struggles. You are such an inspiration and its so nice seeing you finding yourself. 😀😀

  8. Thank you for this. I’m a single mom of 3 and just been in a funk with my weight loss journey lately but this just helped me want to get back to it because it’s just simple how I like and I love you and your videos! Thank you for being you.

  9. I’m 150 & this is the heaviest I’ve ever been. Even after I had my daughter I was only 130 but all these bad eating habits really set my back. Thank u for these meal prep videos I’m definitely gonna start doing this ❤️

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