"Magic" Weight Loss Pill, Macro Friendly Restaurants + Flexibility | #AskTheZenDudes 9

The “Magic” Weight Loss Pill, How Hit Your Macros At Restaurants, & How To Improve Flexibility – Ask The Zen Dudes Episode 9

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This is the Ask The Zen Dudes Show. You ask questions related to health, fitness, jump rope, and lifestyle, and we give ya the answers. This week we address the “magic” fat loss pill, how to hit your macros at restaurants, and how to increase flexibility? Enjoy and comment below y’all!

Today’s questions:

3:42: when are you coming to greece / europe?
4:24: did you think zdf would get this big?
4:24: is tim ferris an inspiration for you?
7:01: how to manage weight loss expectations if you have a lot of weight to lose?
8:47: do you track your meals at restaurants?
10:39: who is faster, brandon or dan?
11:12: what is something no one would guess about you?
11:44: other forms of low impact cardio besides jump rope?
13:16: is weight tougher to keep it off once you have lost it?
16:25: do I have to take protein after my workout?
16:58: how do I do the thing?
19:44: did you ever do bodybuilding?
20:31: what time is your last meal of the day?
21:36: will less carbs but same cals help me burn more fat?
22:32: is the 4 week challenge for dudes and dudettes?
22:58: can you hit cals macros and not lose weight?
22:58: should I fix my rope or get a new one?
25:50: will jump rope sprinting burn more cals?
27:09: what is the magic trick for weight loss?
28:22: do you think willpower us useless?
30:53: do you weigh meat cooked or uncooked?
31:15: whats happening when I get slim but lose no weight?
32:42: what home equipment do you recommend?
34:10: do you use rubber ropes?

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18 thoughts on “"Magic" Weight Loss Pill, Macro Friendly Restaurants + Flexibility | #AskTheZenDudes 9”

  1. just got back to working out 4 months ago. jumping rope for 2 months now cause of you Zen mudafakas. much oblige and sending you good vibes. I was 260 too now at 215. not that easy to lost 20 more lbs but i just keep going. time is the key. patience and long term goals is what keeps me going. muchas gracias again

  2. If I do high intensity normal bounce jump rope since I'm just starting out is that enough to start seeing results if I do it 5times a week for atleast 10-20 minutes a day?

  3. GUYYYSS i am from greece and every summer i spent my vacation in Paros a lovely greek island. If you are interested my family and I have a guesthouse. i'll put the link so you can see for yourselves : http://www.xenonasperdikouli.gr/en/ . you can also find us on facebook (GuestHouse Perdikouli Aliki)! I would be very happy if you could check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and you are awesome!

  4. You guys are excellent at what they do, and I'm addicted to jumping rope, I've been jumping for two months. Thanks for the tips and the incredible videos.
    Bless you guys.
    Greetings from Panama

  5. waaaaaaaasssssssuuuuupppppp pppllllaaaaayyyyyyaaaazzzzzz ?
    guys I'm 16 years old from India .
    Can you tell me .what is the perfect age to hit the gym? or should i burn my fats and go for gym at the same time or is burning fats is enough for me now ?

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