Lettuce Nutritional Value! Lettuce is High in Fiber and Cellulose

Lettuce Nutritional Value! Lettuce is High in Fiber and Cellulose

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Does Lettuce Have Any Nutrition or Does it Just fill Me Up?

The foundation of any salad, especially at fast food and quick serve
restaurants, is lettuce. We all know this leafy vegetable is low in
calories, but does lettuce provide any nutritional value?

The answer: yes, a little.

There are several types of lettuce. None of them is bad for you. But
some are more nutritionally dense the than others.

Iceberg lettuce is the lowest in nutrients. A cup of shredded lettuce
has just 10 calories, 1 gram of fiber, and aside from 20% of your
daily value of vitamin K, no nutrient above 10% of the daily
recommended value.

A cup of Romaine lettuce is similar in calories and fiber, but has a
whopping 80% of your daily value of vitamin A and 60% for vitamin K. it has slightly higher values of vitamins and minerals compared to
iceberg lettuce, but nothing too grand.

Nutritionally, other types of lettuce lie somewhere in-between these
two. Overall, lettuce can be viewed as a friendly bulking food – you
can eat a lot of it to help you feel full, without too many calories.
Lettuce is also relatively cheap, which is why it comprises 80% of
many salads.

Keep in mind that variety is key to a healthy diet. When it comes to
produce, “eating the rainbow” is your best strategy for nutrient
density, as different fruits and vegetables each come with a unique
package of nutrients. So have your lettuce, but add many more
ingredients to your daily salad.

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