Intermittent Fasting When Bulking?

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35 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting When Bulking?”

  1. Intermittent Fasting is more accurately defined as time restricted eating. The plan being keeping ones food intake within a 8 to 11 or 12 hour time period and not eating after 6 or 7 pm. Studies so far show,when coupled with a clean diet, significant increase in muscle mass compared to a feeding schedule of over 12 hours. A 16/8 schedule you'd eat between 10am and 6 pm and food fast for the other 16 hours.

  2. Hey brah. So I know the benefits that fasting can have on body and mind. It a shame how fasting used to be seasonally practiced through either Christian or pagan traditions, which would help stimulate societal health, and as all traditions do, bind the fabric of society through shared rituals and practices. This makes me realize the benefits that Ramadan has to Muslim societies. Any ideas on how we can rediscover or reinvent the fasting tradition to benefit European society? Would love to hear your opinion on this golden one ❤️

  3. Two pills of a fucking fluoroquinolone antibiotic almost killed me 18 month ago. CFS, myopathy, 18 kg weight loss, at least 10 kg muscle loss, tendionpathy and many other flaws. I starte keto and intermitting fasting and was back on my feet 6 months later but still impaired, today I am 90% recovered and at an point where in some areas it's already better than pre poisoning. What I want to say keto and fasting isn't only to optimize your body and cells it also cures a badly damaged body. It also prevents and kills cancer, as well it boosts stem cell production. All is proved by studies.

  4. I don't think you can make gains at all while fasting. I think you should only fast a few days in a row at most, workout at the end, then go back to eating if you want to gain.

    You need a surplus of calories and protein and you can't get that in the middle of any fast.

  5. Why keep around so much dead weight? All the bulk's not going to help you in a fight when you aren't as fast & flexible as the skinny guys who'll fight until they're burger.
    It's just a waste of food resources as well as quite damaging for the heart in the long run.

  6. Anyone has experience with bulking and at the same time doing some Kickboxing/muay thai which burns massive amounts of calories? Just eat more or does bulking and kickboxing not go together?

  7. I want to write this here for anyone interested in working out and isn't on juice. Don't fall for the "low fat" diets. Your body needs fats to better absorb micro nutrients, regulate your hormones and keep your tendons and joints as healthy as possible.

  8. Have been intermittent fasting for 12 years now, longest for a little over a week.
    Never have I felt stronger.
    Rarely will I eat anything before evening, occasionally a piece of fruit at mid day.
    Was always told "A healthy body makes for a healthy mind"
    Once your diet in order, perceptions of many other topics come into far greater focus.

  9. Jacked Legolas would you recommend GOMAD as a simple perhaps lazy way to bulk? Would that be considered a dirty bulk?
    I'm thinking this may be ideal for those who are short on time with eating big multiple meals.

  10. Very true. I keep getting pushed to fast-but I'm young and rather thin. I want to gain mass, not lose it. I will fast once the time of cutting has come.

    6 meals a day is not necessary. 3 meals a day + protein shake suffice-if you eat large enough amounts. True indeed.

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