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  1. 😨O-M-G GIRL…😨

    those meals are extremely small!
    I have watched two three of your videos so far and in one you mentioned cravings, so of course I had to see what you ate in a day. πŸ˜†

    This reminds me of how I ate when I was like starving myself lol…used to have 1000-1200cal a day, portion sizes like that, and I would ALWAYS end up binging on like Cinnamon Rolls or junk food. (I was the most unhealthy vegetarian back then lol…)

    I just feel like you should be eating WAY more, especially because you seem to be active and you got that baby boy to take care of πŸ‘¦
    I'm Vegan and eat around 2000-2500cal a day, I'm 5'3 and am 110-115lbs. Plus, I'm not even active…so that's why I was SO taken back at the portion sizes. 😱
    as long as you are eating the right foods, you will not need any supplements to help you lose weight or even help you stop 'craving' things.

    If you are craving things, its simply your body telling you that you didn't eat enough OR enough of the 'right' things.
    So definitely do NOT take anything that will silence your body from telling you, it needs more πŸ™‚

    πŸ’™If you take care of your body, your body will take care of YOU πŸ’™

  2. Girl you are seriously MY FAV YOU TUBER!!!!!! You are so down to earth and and REAL….you don't act fake in your videos/snapchats/facebook/insta/twitter/// (cause I follow ya on all of them lol) I really feel like I can relate to you because we do alot of the same stuff!!!! Keep it up friend!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey so I love your energy and got videos. You have so much personality it's great, you should consider acting as I think you would be great. Anyway, my comment really is more of a suggestion. It would be great if on these vid's of full days of eating that you would include your macro breakdown at the end. I know we are all different and I have different macros than you, but just to get an idea of what yours look like would be a super great addition to your videos. So, hopefully you will start including your break down in the near future. Thanks for entertaining us with your bubbly personality. 😬

  4. ive been eating kinda shitty the past couple of days but watching this is making me motivated to eat better today. you are seriously goals girl!! my favorite❀️ love you!!!!

  5. I think we like watching these videos because you're just like us and you yourself are new to that healthy workout lifestyle. At least that's why I like to watch your videos about this

    You are gorgeous as always πŸ’–

  6. I just found you on youtube and I love your videos so much! I am married to a soldier and being married to one is such an emotional roller coaster. I was having an anxiety attack and then I found one of your videos and I can't stop watching you! you stopped my anxiety attack and you bring me such happiness. thank you so much for being who you are. never stop making videos! β™‘

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