I DID A 12 DAY DETOX DIET | I lost 3-4kgs?

I did a 12 day detox diet, it is for weightloss and cleanse, it claims that you can loose 4-5kgs in 12 days. Heres how the diet went down.
just keep in mind this that They say the detox may have certain symptoms like : Skin breakouts, gas and bloating, headaches, food cravings, constipation, fatigue, irritatbility, muscle tightness etc.

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17 thoughts on “I DID A 12 DAY DETOX DIET | I lost 3-4kgs?”

  1. Heyy Akanksha! This is such an useful video for me❤ thank you so much for sharing the recipes❤
    Please do a video on your KETO journey or recipes! I would really know about it! I have seen some YouTube videos..Idk whether they're fact or not but ik you're super genuine on what you say♥️ Thanks once again akka♥️😘

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