I have been using Hum Nutrition supplements for about a year and a half and wanted to make a review video on each product I have tried. Two I forgot to talk about (because I didn’t have the physical product anymore) so I’ve listed those below along with my review of them.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical or health professional. Any supplement you take should be taken with caution. Visit Hum’s website for more information about ingredient sourcing, safety, etc. There is no magic pill however I believe there are foods you can eat, exercise you can do, and supplements you can take to further your overall health.


Flatter Me:

Daily Cleanse:

Skinny Bird:

Ripped Rooster:

Glow Sweet Glow:

Collagen Love:

Gut Instinct:

Wing Man:


OMG! Omega the Great – I really liked this! No fishy aftertaste or burps. Great if you want responsibly sourced Omega-3.

Red Carpet – This was meh. You have to take it over a long period of time to see a difference and there were other supplements (Flatter Me) I wanted to try. After 1 month taking it basically 2x per day I didn’t notice a radical difference – might try again but for a longer period of time.


Aillea –

Dorco USA –

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DIY Painted Mason Jars:

What’s in My School Backpack?! College Edition:

Hair Care Routine for Dry, Damaged Hair:



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8 thoughts on “HUM NUTRITION REVIEW – Hanna Charlotte”

  1. I can't believe the change I saw with Hum, especially considering how hesitant I am to believe in these things. But as someone with an IBD and generally pretty dry skin, I noticed the supplements I chose helped with my digestion and made my skin glow! If you wanna try it too try my code 219FE4 and get a $10 discount

  2. I have been using these products for a while now and I think they really work. You can get $10 off with code 1EAE05 and another code for $10 off your first order on their website. So if your thinking about giving them a try I would go for it.

  3. Hey! I love Hum Nutrition and have been using their products for quite some time now. If you want another $10 off on your next order, my code is 160BDF.

    I use the Daily Cleanse everyday and have noticed great changes in my gut health. Another yummy favorite of mine are the Glow Sweet Glow gummies, and I love the Runway Ready daily hair and nail pack! It's so convenient for people like me who are always on the go.

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