How To Start A Raw Food Diet & Create A Healthy Relationship With Food PART 1 –

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I want the BEST life for you! We are spiritual beings have a multi-dimensional experience, and right now we’re here on Earth in mostly 3rd density slowish type “reality”. I’ve been thru deep suffering; depressed, sad, lonely, long term anxiety, fear and didn’t even want to live anymore. I’m a mischievous, playful, fun-loving person but have a great depth to me. I only want the best, happiest and most fulfilled life for myself, and for YOU. Hence why I have written books, make youtube videos, have a herbshop, and especially also do Spiritual Life Coaching. I hope these help you, and I share MUCH LOVE to you. Feel hugged, loved and supported by me and many more!




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Know Thyself
Love Thyself
BE Thyself

Take 100% Responsibility for your life
Then Change your life for the better!

Eat plenty of fresh raw fruits & vegetables!
Clean Your GI Tract & Strengthen Your Organs With Herbs, Superfoods, Deep Breathing, Nature!, Sunshine, Stretching, Enough Sleep, Orin and other healthy practices!

Remember how POWERFUL You are & Create -For yourself & others – a Life of JOY and LOVE that u deserve!

Namaste & love,

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7 thoughts on “How To Start A Raw Food Diet & Create A Healthy Relationship With Food PART 1 –”

  1. Hey brotha ๐Ÿ™‚ So root veggies are no bueno? Like carrots and beets? Also, do you have any tips on portion control. Do you just take an intuitive approach to how much you eat?

  2. I've been trying for a long time and it is hard. But I've figured out it's like giving up smoking. I tried so many times because of being harassed and feeling guilty. But always went back to it. So only when I realised I don't even enjoy it anymore and couldn't understand why I continued, that's when I gave up for good. Because I was ready. And now it's the same with food, my plate feels bare and wrong with no meat in it. Yet lately I can actually taste blood when I eat meat even though I know it's cooked properly. I just don't enjoy it anymore. Same with dairy. So I know soon I will give it up for good. You have to allow yourself to do it when you're ready otherwise you feel forced into it and rebel lol xx

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