How to sell Personal Training and create $2000+ a week 2019 – Fitness Marketing

How to sell Personal Training and create $2000+ a week – Fitness Marketing

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So in today’s video, I wanted to talk about something that I coach personal trainers and fitness business owners on every day, and that is becoming a 6-figure, multiple 6-figures or how to leverage their business to strive towards that 7-figure mark…

But a 100K fitness business when done right, It’s easy! In this video, I’ll share the key components on how to achieve.

Now me personally and my business, we are coaching personal trainers worldwide on how to grow their business. We do exactly what we promise, and that is to help them get more clients, more sessions, more income and more success in their business by providing trainers with EVERYTHING they need to be successful from a business standpoint and also coaching.

How to sell personal training and create $2000 per week income

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  1. I'm starting my own small business as a consultant for personal trainers. I’m basically helping them achieve k10$/mo without ADS , complicated funnels But before getting serious about it, I’d like to find one or two more test clients to really perfect my method. I won’t be asking for anything but constructive feedback or recommendations. If you’re interested send me a message / comment below!

  2. Awesome video, great info here! If anyone is interested I run a free facebook group where I teach fit pros how to market online. I show the exact systems we use to scale all of our fitness clients' businesses. Here is the link if you are interested @t

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