How to Lose Weight with Phentermine

How to lose weight with Phentermine

Losing weight with Phentermine can be a little tricky at times. But overall the weight loss is easier than going it alone. Phentermine really helps to suppress your appetite and stop the cravings.

I have three tips for you and my overall story to help you lose weight with Phentermine, too.

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11 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight with Phentermine”

  1. excellent tips! No wonder you hear the horror stories with them prescribing one whole pill a day! One pill gave me the worst dry mouth and dehydration. Then I had the worst bout of acid reflux and that is not normal for me. I looked it up and sure enough, acid reflux is a side effect. Even a half was too much. So by the end of the first week I went down to 1/3 of a pill and only 5 days a week. I take two days off. It works slower but it works and I don't feel like my heart is pounding or I'm being sucked dry.

  2. Would love to have another update on this from you. I’ve been taking it for two months And I’ve lost 27lbs it definitely helps with appetite suppressant but still have to put the work in counting calories, exercising. I have a huge sweet tooth it has helped me so much with the sweet tooth. My doctor also advised me to take super citrimax plus from pure encapsulations (get from any vitamin store) I take my phentermine and two of the vitamins. He said they help with burning fat instead of pulling from muscle. Thanks for this video I’m always trying to find people who have the same issues I have.

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