How to Lose 16 lbs in 2 Months

How to lose 16 lbs in 2 months

I cant believe it was so easy to lose 16 ls in only 2 months. What miracle is helping me to lose weight quickly and easily? Phentermine.

What is Phentermine and how did I use it to lose 16 lbs in 2 months? It’s a well kept secret evidently, because I’d never heard of it.

Phentermine made losing 16lbs so much easier than just diet alone.

I’ve got some details for you, including some before and after pictures of my 16 lb weight loss.

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10 thoughts on “How to Lose 16 lbs in 2 Months”

  1. I started at 180 too! I dropped to 138 on keto and I am now playing dirty keto (give myself cheat days) just to maintain where I am. But I was so excited when you said 180. Why do I like being twinsie with other women?! Lol. And now we've both dropped the weight. Keep it up!

  2. Pretty lady, i have been meaning to get back to you but as usual life gets in the way. Right now i am holding very steady at my weight which is 170 — can't seem to get down to the 160s. I have to ad some more exercise bc i am not eating any more or any less. I find that hard to do bc i have a job that I know the time i walk in but don't know the time i walk out –so can't make plans for after work. Anyway that is just an excuse. I just have to get it done. How are you doing so far? Hope you are well.

  3. You look great!! I know myself I can't take or don't like taking medicine for losing weight. I know it works for some, but I do take other medicines so I can't nor would I want to for myself. But I always think it is great when anyone can find something that works for them I am so happy for you! Have a good week, and keep it up, girl. xoxo😘🙂

  4. I’m proud of you for sticking to it and working with a doctor that will help you. I need to start a diet plan and I wish I could exercise but with my back, even going for a walk will end up with me in pain. I lost 25 lbs last year but that was just making small changes in my diet so I need to do better. I used to be waaaaay to skinny and after giving birth to my youngest daughter (I was 32 at that time), I left the hospital weighing only 120lbs. I slowly put on weight after that at at 35 I was 136….and then the 40’s hit and my thyroid was wacky and I had the car accident 11 years ago which basically made me a couch potato. I need to stop making excuses and just do it!

  5. You are doing so good!! I'm stuck too at about 161. I can't get motivated to work out is my problem. We live so far in the woods and going to the gym is totally out of the question for me. Hopefully I can start walking at least down some trails or something. I know if I ever start I will do better just getting started is my problem. Keep it up!! Your looking fantastic!!😍

  6. I am glad you found success with the medicine. I stopped losing weight when the swap shop closed for the season and the bipolar depression kicked in real hard. I have been hovering at the same weight I was at the end of Oct. and my eating hasn't changed at all. I am looking forward to the spring and getting back outside again. It is freezing here now.

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