How To | GET RIPPED IN 2019 (What I Do)

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29 thoughts on “How To | GET RIPPED IN 2019 (What I Do)”

  1. My cut is going pretty good even though I hit a setback this week where i fucked up my rotator cuff and was sick so I have to take a week off from the gym but I lost 5 lbs in 5 weeks. And am planing to swap switch up my workouts every 6 weeks. So I was doing a anterior chain and posterior chain strength days and hypertrophy days and would play ball on days but I probably am going to switch up to a upper body and lower body strength and hypertrophic days soon

  2. I got some cardio suggestions. My problem with cardio is that it isn’t fun so what I would do I would do something outdoorsy like
    Mountain biking

  3. I’m skinny fat and want to go to the gym and want to eat healthy but I don’t know what to eat to keep my micros up and I don’t know what the fuck to do in the gym 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. What would be a "good" diet plan, I've been really looking for something to stick to cause in high school looks is everything lol, but everything tells me to basically eyeball it. I dont need anything exact (although that'd be helpful too) but at least a more specific idea of what is best?

  5. Been bulking for 6 month and i plan to bulk for 7 then i plan on cutting for 3. I am worried that I dont have enough muscle mass to cut whats your opionion on this? I wanna cut cause the fats been bothering me lately

  6. If you skinny as hell and tryna bulk am i doing it right tho, ive been going gym for 2 weeks but not changing my diet, im skinny but rah i eat loads, not rlly eating protein mostly rice n a bit of stuff but yeah, what else do i even have to do

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