How to get a Big Chest. Best Exercise for a Big Chest. Vicsnatural

How to get a Big Chest. Best Exercise for a Big Chest. Vicsnatural
Pec Deck flyes, the perfect exercise for a big chest
In this video, Victor Costa talk about using the Pec Deck to get a big chest. The Pec Deck is an awesome exercise for developing the chest. However, it’s not all reps, it’s about the quality of the reps. Doing the reps on the pec deck properly is essential to make the exercise effective. Victor Costa is natural bodybuilder, fitness trainer and author. Victor Costa is considered to be among the top fitness trainers in the world. Vic’s goal is to help you get bigger and more muscular, naturally, using intelligent techniques that work.
Victor Costa is a natural bodybuilder and trainer. He does not use steroids, supplements or testosterone. Vic training specializes in the mind-muscle connection. Everyone is always asking Vic about his biceps routine so he wanted to make his Free Biceps Training available to everyone for Free. If you are interested in how Vic trains himself and his clients you can download Vic’s Free Biceps Building course, simply go to

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29 thoughts on “How to get a Big Chest. Best Exercise for a Big Chest. Vicsnatural”

  1. Vic, even though we don't engage the traps, side delts get engaged while lifting the arms up, and somehow that fatigue and soreness of my side delts limits my pecdeck performance. Is it with other people also?

  2. It's not a pec deck, it's a fly machine. Not the same exercise or machine. The pec deck is the one with the elbows bent.

    Edit: Also this exercise require a constant tension, no rest dir a better pump but more importantly you should never go too far back as it'll lead to rotator cuff injury.

  3. what would be your advice, if everything seems to be more or less fine during the setup and concentric phase, but losing the feel a little while the eccentric phase? so instead of a good pec stretch and scapula movement, the scapula could stay locked in a bit of protraction etc. basically just not the movement we'd like to keep

  4. been watching u since i was 16 y/o 160cm and i was 45kg now im 90kg with around 12 % bodyfat 185cm 21 years old 😀 was great motivation and very useful tips, you deserve alot of more subscribers Vic, Peace

  5. Hey Vic, what do u recomend is the best rest in between chest or rather body part workouts. Some say 7 days, some say 3 days, whats your view on how many times to train a muscle. Thnx in advnce.

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