How To Build Muscle For Hardgainers Naturally Without Supplements (As Requested By Subscribers)

How To Build Muscle For Hardgainers Naturally Without Supplements (As Requested By Subscribers)

If you consider yourself a hardgainer and you find that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t pack on any more muscle, then you are probably wondering, “what am I doing wrong here?”. In this video on Practical Inspiration, we look at how to build muscle after it was recently requested by subscribers. Despite it not being what I usually focus on, I did want to try and help with requests I get, so did some research to help give some starting advice on building muscle.

You’ve probably spent months, or maybe years, trying to bulk up but you’re still skinny, you don’t have much noticeable muscle mass, and most of your t shirts are still baggy, especially around your arms.

It’s more frustrating when you see other people that just seem to have an easier time than you. People that might not workout as much or they might eat the worst foods, yet they seem to be able to build muscle just by looking at a dumbbell. This can become really disheartening and even if you’re a persistant person that doesn’t quit, it can be very easy to simply label yourself as a hardgainer and to start making excuses.

If you just do the 5 things listed in this video consistently, you’re going to bulk up and build muscle. Below is a summary of this video:

1. Lift More
– The first and clearest step to building muscle is to lift more, as when you physically get stronger you and going to natually build more muscle
– This is something that’s common with those into bodybuilding, as they understand the correlation between building muscle and lifting heavier weights to challenge them
– While you should be taking strict precaution to ensure your safety when you increase weights, working with a professional if necessary
– …don’t be afraid to push yourself, as doing so will help muscle grow when you recover from your workout

2. Eat More
– Diet is critical in pretty much everything when it comes to health and it’s no different when trying to build muscle
– Unlike when you’re trying to lose fat, when you’re building muscle you often want to eat more food, rich in protein which will help you build musle
– This is because food provides fuel for the body during the recovery process which is when the growth takes place, and without food, the body won’t have what it needs to grow muscle
– Protein rich food such as white meat, beans and nuts are a great for the diet, but make sure you maintain your diet during this period

3. Spend Time Recovering
– When you do a hard workout designed to grow muscle, you actually minutely tear fibres in the muscle during the workout, which is why you feel pain and a burning sensation
– It’s during recovery that these tears heal, helping the muscle grow bigger as the body adapts to cope with the strain you’ve placed on the muscle
– So with this in mind, always remember that as important as the workout is, the recovery is equally important, as this is where the growth takes place
– So have recovery days, and drink water, eat healthy and care for your wellbeing with sound sleeping habits to help the recovery process speed up

4. Be Consistent and Smart
– If you workout once every so often and then don’t do anything for a while, that workout is going to have little benefit and won’t help you grow any muscle
– Instead, you need to aim to workout frequently during the week, preferably at least a few days through the week, to gain any noticeable benefit from the workouts
– However, don’t just workout, but be smart about it, working out routines that have compounding effects to ensure many muscles are worked regularly
– In this respect, doing Heavy Squats, Bench, Deadlifts, Overhead Presses and Barbell Rows are all highly effective in working numerous muscles at the same time

5. Have the Right Mindset
– Mindset is critical when starting any and every journey, if you don’t have the mindset to succeed, then it’s close to impossible to do so
– Therefore, when starting out to try and build muscle, first understand that results won’t show overnight and it will take months before you see significant progress
– Try to support yourself, making workouts a habit that you do as part of your routine and focus on the end goal to keep yourself motivated
– Eventually, you will see results, and when you do, the time, the hard work and everything you went through will all be worth it


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  1. Great video bro! I do personal training on the side and those are all solid tips. The biggest problem for ectomorphs (hard gainers) i see is they don't want to eat that much and try to train too hard. Eat and sleep are just as important as the workout itself!!

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