How To Become A More Explosive Athlete | Oly Training

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33 thoughts on “How To Become A More Explosive Athlete | Oly Training”

  1. Power is equal to force x velocity or work/time. Energy is different from force. Energy is equal to mass x acceleration (E=mc^2). Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity so higher accelerations are going to result in an increased average velocity, which when mixed with high force output = greater power. Being able to move heavier weight over a certain distance is going to result in higher force outputs from the musculoskeletal system. When this is done over a short time period, you get high power output. Light weights are generally used to train power because the force-velocity relationship curve of muscle shows that high contractile velocity will result in small force production. Therefore, training with absolute maximum or higher loads isn't effective for maximizing powe. As the neuromuscular system becomes more efficient in developing high force production quickly, higher loads can be used to train for power.

  2. You might want to stop that bar when you clean right on the shoulders/upper chest not with your hands or you risk having elbows/wrists problems in the future. Push the elbows in front of you at the end of clean not toward the floor. Especially when weight gets heavier it is important doing that. You do that probably bc you do not arch your back enough. Not arching your back enough moves the bar in front of you instead resting right on your shoulders/upper chest gap or distance. Your move is good but not perfect. Improve your technique, good work anyway.

  3. First lift clip in the video was definitely impressive, a great display of strength, and mobility through the lower body. But I feel there may have been a little too much butt wink for me

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