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In this video i am sharing my personal journey, sharing personal pictures, and letting you know that I took the long road down my health and wellness journey!
I am plantbased vegan for the most part, I try to eat as healthy as possible, yet indulge sometimes, I love to learn and listen to different sources to figure out what works best for me, and I chose what makes me the most happiest. I love how far I have come and I hope this inspires you to try, and find your balance and happiness. Below are some of the people that have influenced me a lot especially with working out and trying out new vegan recipes!

Vegan Eating Information:
Fully Raw Kristina helped me for incorporating more raw foods in my life.
Research on your own too, read articles, find out what foods and lifestyle works best for you, along with how much you should be intaking, i think its important in the beginning to track so you get a sense of what your body needs for weight loss, and then you can do it intuitively
Youtube “Vegan what I eat in a day” for inspo.
EdgyVeg is good.
My Instagram page EndlessVitality is where I share my foods too!

Fitness Workouts:
I love weightlifting 2-4x a week and doing some HIIT, Cardio & AB Workouts 2 x a week, sometimes incorporating jogging and swimming depending on my mood.
I loved watching these girls for inspo
Krissy Cela
Whitney Simmons
Meggan Grub
Nikki Blackketter
Grace Beverly UK
Mandy Rose
Robin Gallant very Sciency
Sam James
Gabby Scheyen
Fitgurlmel kimk’s trainor
BiancaTaylorM Vegan & Does Weightlifting
Lizabeth Lopez awesome workouts too

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Stitch Fix:

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Im Jasmill and I have loved making YT videos since 2010.
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