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Welcome to my Vlog # 25. I share our Boothbay Harbor trip and some products including the Collagen supplement we use.

Products and time Stamp
Invisibobble 4:20 invisibobble is available at Sephora, CVS & Walgreens – invisibobble gifted me via the Octoly network in exchange for my honest review.

VA-VA VOLUME HAIR BOOSTER 7:03 This was complimentary from Marc Daniels in exchange for my honest opinion.

Boothbay Harbor 8:57

Collagen- 15:27
Great Lakes – Pure Protein Kosher Beef Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate Unflavored – We buy it in the 8lb bag as both my hubby and I use it. (affiliate link)
– Since this video was filmed and published Jay has signed up and been approved for Great Lakes Collagen affiliate program, which means we might earn some pennies if anyone uses the link.

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Curious about My Retin-A Journey:
I am not a doctor, not a skin care professional but just a woman in her sixties exploring and sharing what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Please DO Your Own Research before starting on any skin care regiment. My dermatologists has given me a prescription for Retin-a and I am screened yearly.
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My Eyelash Growth Journey using Careprost & Blinq – Bimataprost –

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48 thoughts on “Hair Care | Collagen | VLog 25 | Camping Boothbay Harbor |Mature Beauty”

  1. Wagony thing? LOL I truly love my Collagen and yes my Chiripractor now uses it. He is also recommending it to his other patients. Takes a few months to start noticing it so don't give up to early. Let it take it's time.

  2. Hi Monika, was just wondering what the Great Lakes Collagen has helped you with the most? Love your videos. I’ve been very busy the past few months with my elderly mother so I’m trying to get back to watching you again!! You look great as usual and hope to get caught up on the videos I’ve missed.😊

  3. I’m loving that Great Lakes Collagen, went thru 8 cans need to place my order for another 6 cans. My hairdresser always tells me wow your hair grows so fast. Wish it would fill in that balding spot on my crown, haha😘

  4. I don't know how I missed this one! I always love the gorgeous views on your trips. Such different scenery from the west coast! I do love your hair up with the invisabobbie or however its spell. OOOh that cute ice cream shop, that would be a toughy for me!!! I am tasting vicariously through your video, LOL! That lightening! Wow! I think you were the first person I heard about collagen from and I use it every day since! Thank you! xoxoMarjorie

  5. The hair volumiser product sounds really good, I'm always looking for root volume, the houses right on the ocean are beautiful! If you're going to be corrupted by anything coffee Ice cream sounds perfect to me lol! Enjoying catching up today happy weekend Monika xo😘

  6. Such fun, Monika! What a beautiful “Room with a View”!! So love your Vlogs! Trying to catch up in CA!! My granddaughter manages to keep this Mature Community viewer really BUSY!! Haha! I’m loving every minute of it!! 😉 Hugs, Darlin’ Girl 😍🤗 P.S. Top of my Bucket List!! 😉

  7. Hi Monika! I watched this when you put it up but I didn't comment because I had my grandkids this weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it. So beautiful up there! Love it! Your hair looks beautiful! Sending you love and hugs!

  8. I love your accent. I agree with you that the coast of Maine is gorgeous. I would love to get back and explore possibly Vermont and New Hampshire. I think your cap was adorable. Have a good week.

  9. Hi Monika 😊 Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Loved that stone church, too! 30 years ago, I went to my husband’s family reunion in Ludlow, MA. One day, we went deep sea fishing off of Gloucester and then drove to Rockport along the coast. We stopped along the way so I could collect rocks to bring home to FL with me. My husband thought I was nuts! I absolutely loved the coastline and the town of Rockport. And yes, I would love to see Maine plus Cape Cod, and Nantucket some day. ❤️

  10. You look so pretty, Monika! What an adorable hat! I love it. Oh I'm going to have to try that volume boost cream. I love having some volume in my hair. What a beautiful area that is! It's just stunning. Love to you Monika! I really enjoyed this. xxx, Melissa

  11. Wow! How wonderful to be able to see that beautiful coast! The sunrise was stunning. I would have eaten icecream there everyday, you did well! That collagen supplement sounds interesting. I love it when we can find things that actually work! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! 🍦💕

  12. I really love that hat. I only own one hat…my son bought me a Clemson hat….which of course orange and purple….would only wear it to a game but it just doesn't go with any of my clothes, hahaha….I need to get a couple but I am like Mary Ellen….I hate shopping. My back just hurts to bad to shop very long. And I don't want to try and order one and then not like it. I also really love my invisa bobbles..,they are awesome for long hair. I usually wear my hair up all summer long because of the heat and humidity here…much love…xoxo

  13. Lovely video… that scenery!❤️ I am going to try the collagen. I have RA… mixed type. If it helps even a little to my joints… I will be forever grateful you spoke of it. I do great in summer … winter… not so much. I live in wrong part of state for the good winters. Your hair is really looking great. Good product.

  14. Good Morning Monika, thank you so much for sharing your vacation vlog with us, Boothbay is breathtakingly beautiful, the sunrise from your window OMG waking up to that every morning is truly a blessing!! So glad you had such a wonderful time. I too use my Collagen Supplement every day, it has helped me so much. Have a great week my sweet friend. Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo PS: Hi Jay xoxo

  15. Loved your Vlog, love your accent… this Southern girl thinks it’s every bit as cute as you are ( mucho!)! And LOVE your hair… best I have ever seen it! We share very similarly “wonderful” hair! 😕 I ‘m checking the hair product out… also the Collagen! I am so hoping my knees will thank you… and possibly my face! 🤞🏼
    Have a great week!

  16. Hello! Beautiful sunrise picture, it is frame worthy! Loved seeing your blog, I enjoy each and every one of them that you do! Your ice cream cone looked so yummy I was craving some, I had to settle for popcorn though because we are out of ice cream again! I'm such a ice cream hog I'm almost embarrassed to say it lol!! xoxo

  17. Thank you again for showing another one of your Great trips!!! I have been in the Maine area only once in my life time and it was on the cost. Beautiful !! Keep sharing !!! Love the new baseball hat!

  18. You should be a travel agent for those of us who enjoy a pea eful vacation. I have great hopes of getting up to the Maine coast. I can watch the ocean for days and never get bored. Good video. Zthsnks.

  19. Those embroidered beach chairs were adorable! You are so lucky to live in such an amazing area and we have been fortunate enough to explore some of those areas. I love Invisibobbles. I am intrigued by the collagen supplements. ♥ Elle

  20. Hi Monika, can you taste this collagen? I have one in my Amazon subscribe and save cart for this month and they say that you can’t taste it. I chickened out last month from getting it because I was afraid that I would be ale to taste it. Thanks for sharing. Hugs my friend.

  21. Monika, regarding the collagen, does Jay take 4 tablespoons a day also? Not sure if I can get hubby to take 4. Want to know if less has worked for Jay. Thank you in advance and appreciate you sharing information with us. Have a good day! 😊

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