Green Juice for Healing & Weight Loss: #6

What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Juice and Leaves? Living food is packed with live enzymes and nutrients that rejuvenate the cells. The key to this diet is drinking a pound of leaves a day. The Chlorophyll in the leaves is a quantum transporter acting as a particle and wave inside the body, looking for areas in the body to fix. It’s the chlorophyll that gives me that natural feeling of being high on life!
Chlorophyll is ….
1. a blood purifier
2. an anti-inflammatory, and
3. full of nutrients and antioxidants
Make sure you ROTATE your greens by “family” to avoid ingesting too many of the same Alkaloids. Alkaloids are tiny toxins in plants to protect them from extinction. This is why animals graze, they know it’s not healthy to eat the same type of plant daily.

1. Crucifers: Kale, Arugula, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, Kohlrabi herbs. Other vegetables: in this family: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, horseradish, radish, and turnip.
2. Amaranth: Spinach, Beet Greens, Chard, Swiss Chard
3. Asteraceae: Dandelion Greens, Romaine Lettuce
Others: Daisy and Sunflower are in this family.
4. Apiaceae: Celery, Cilantro, Carrot Tops, and Parsley
5. Grasses: Wheatgrass juice and barley grass juice-Cereal grasses are a nutrient dense, high chlorophyll food. —Wheatgrass cleanses the lymph system, it restores balance in the body, it removes toxic metals from the cells, and it restores vitality.

Our cells are affected by toxins in the environment, pesticides sprayed on produce, toxins in hair-dye and creams and in packaged foods. On a Raw Food Diet, the cells become clean and our body transforms into its ultimate experience feeling happy. On a 100 percent “live food diet,” I have no negative thoughts, not a single one! But when I slip and return to cooked foods (dead food) my thoughts immediately change back to worries and self-criticism. My cells seem to be communicating better on live food. Maybe our DNA has some form of consciousness that is getting mucked up by pollutants? The only way to understand what this mental clarity feels like is to try a 100 percent raw food diet for 30 days…And please come back and share your experience on the comments.

Here is my experience below on what I believe is the Purpose of Life.
Our “inner-feeling tone” creates our” thoughts,” not the other way around like once thought. And our THOUGHTS with EMOTION creates our physical reality. Therefore it is ideal to make our inner world beautiful. Live foods, daily exercise, and Hypnosis remove negative “inner-feeling tones”, creating the ideal state of Being. We are here to become more of our own Being, which contributes to everything that is….which is timeless, eternal and always becoming. By becoming more ourselves— everything thing and everyone benefits.
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