What I ate today | Full day of eating for weight loss!
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  1. PLEASE READ: Hi guys! <3 My maintenance calories are usually around 15 or 1600 for weight loss, which I feel amazing at. Im only eating a bit lower around 1250 for this week since I want to be really strict on my diet since I ate pretty crappy last week & am feeling super bloated. Im chosing to be a bit stricter on my meals this week so I can drop a few pounds and feel back to 100% healthy. I am NOT in anyway telling anyone how many calories is right for their body, or to reach their goals. I recommend you guys talk to a nutritionist or dietician to see whats healthy for your height and weight, like I always say Im not a professional. Just sharing my journey here on my channel, love you guys <3 PS Giveaway going down on my Snapchat for you guys, come add me at JayJayWeezy <3 xoxo

  2. I like watching and learning from your videos on health and positive living! Want to know are these Royal fat loss tablets vegan as I'm vegan 2 years and very happy for it but it's a learning process and food is battle from everyone as I bloat quickly with anything and everything that I eat so unlimited fruits and greens are best for me! I watch other YouTubers that are great to learn from eg kristinas & mommy tang and freelee & ted Carr& fruitarian man & life regenerator & James Aspey etc & Gary are all great to learn from ! I'm British Asian Muslim & I never knew how animals have right to live & we are accountable for all our choices so I'm happy for doing what's right & trying not to harm no one! Even true story's in our religion is that a woman was punished as she didn't feed a cat & someone was forgiven for saving a dog so all life is important! We need to talk& act positive always& help everyone!

  3. I have been binge watching your videos, Love all of them. Your fitness videos/what I eat videos is really inspiring me to try and get fit again, Turning 39 tomorrow and I am giving myself a year to get healthy, I need to lose about 40 pounds and tighten up my body. 🙂

  4. This might be a dumb question but how did you track the salad minus the dressing? Did you just estimate? I have stayed away from prepackaged salads with dressing included because when I scan it, it gives me the nutritional info for the salad AND the dressing but I don't use the dressing. Thank you for your help!

  5. try to eat around a 80/10/10 diet… I lost so much fat on it and feel amazing. I just sometimes fluctuate with the protein depending on if I'm lifting or not. If I am lifting, I do 75/15/10 or 70/20/10… i just try my best to keep fats at 10% and healthy fruit and veggie carbs gives me so much energy!

  6. I got Weight Loss Green Store Tea product one month ago and it already seems to be working exactly as advertised. In fact, so far I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it gave 6 lb. I recommend to visit Weight Loss Green Store Tea product !!

  7. Hi Jordan! I love all your videos and ideas. I wanted to know if you are open to shopping only organic? There are studies and testimonials that show people lose a bunch of extra weight simply by ingesting only organic foods. I understand that you are trying to keep it affordable for viewers but just a thought. Have you heard of the food babe? shes awesome and breaks it down in this short blog post 🙂 thanks

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