Full Day Of Eating for Bikini Competition Prep | First Week of Prep

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32 thoughts on “Full Day Of Eating for Bikini Competition Prep | First Week of Prep”

  1. Ur make up is really making ur eyes pop in this video. 😍
    Love it when u start ur prep vlogs.
    I know you mentioned about coaching. Will you still be taking on clients. As i definitely would love you to coach me on my prep again after the new year 😊

  2. hey lainey! love your vlogs and how much detail you go into. those carrot cake muffins look delicious 🙂 on a next video, could you please explain how you split your days e.g high carb and low carb days please x

  3. Woo! Love these types of series! Already looking amazing! This will be a breeze for you. Love cable squats! How do you deal with the sweet cravings or anything ‘not approved’ ?? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gilmore girls rule 😂✌🏻
    😳 how did you not know that’s what Netflix & chill meant
    P.s I love how your getting more & more vegan friendly conscience 😊✌🏻

  5. Great to have the long lainey vlog back. Just asked the wife and she was equally unaware of netflix and chill. although ours would be more like scroll netflix for 10 mins then give up as we cant agree on anything

  6. looking fab chick !!! you were my first coach! now i am coaching using my referral background and nutrition . just completed performance nutrition with a 100 % pass i so wish you were down the road chick!! still great content and videos luv to you all !!! Glad you are staying in your pad till Xmas sending sambam hugs xxxxx

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