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…suffered from stiffness and pain in her lower back from years of sitting all day at her office job.

From the time she first started to notice a bit of soreness, she quickly found herself on a downward spiral: moving less to avoid triggering her back pain, which decreased the blood circulation in her back and worsened the stiffness, which led her to move even less…

Eventually, she couldn’t sit or walk comfortably, which made every day a struggle as she tried to stay focused at work and present at home with her family.

…first injured his back carrying heavy loads across construction sites as part of his custom home building job.

He wanted to take more time off to let his body rest and recover, but his boss needed the help and his family needed the money.

Years of just “working through the pain” later, the twisting and clenching he had done to try to protect his body and reduce the pain led to bad posture, which only made his growing lack of confidence in himself as a father and husband worse.

…loved being active: going on her daily morning run, carrying her kids on hikes through the woods, playing tennis with her closest friends.

She had to stop when she started getting incredibly painful headaches due to the tension in her back and neck, though she’d slowed down long before that.

As painful as it was, she was tough enough to live through those episodes. It wasn’t until she found she needed a full day of rest to recover from keeping up with daily life – helping her husband move furniture around or carrying a full load of groceries into the house – that she started crying herself to sleep at least once a week.

The deep, extreme sensations severe lower back pain can bring are debilitating enough.

But the fact that your pain gets in the way of doing the things you love – the long, leisurely bike rides, spring hikes through the woods, playing with your children, gardening…

That’s what makes living with chronic lower back pain an incredibly frustrating experience.

Getting out of bed is that much harder.

Going to work is that much harder.

Even doing the simple household chores that make you feel like a competent, confident adult can seem insurmountable.

After months and years of daily suffering, visiting dozens of doctors and trying several treatments for lower back pain in vain, even the strongest of us start to fear the pain might never end.

If you’ve felt this way, know you’re not alone.

…of working Americans admit to having back pain.

…most common reason for doctor’s visits.

…of the population will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

To be trapped in a life held together by pain medication (opioids are only effective with 23% of patients anyway).

To undergo expensive surgery that can be just as painful and life-altering as living with lower back pain.

To keep wasting time and money trying new lower back pain treatments without finding the lower back pain relief you need.

To feel hopeful that your pain will go away.

To feel less stressed and better able to cope with your pain.

To take control of your pain and heal the physical damage at the root of it.

YOU NO LONGER need to feel useless.

YOU NO LONGER need to suffer.

THERE IS an effective, science-backed lower back pain treatment that can help you get going again…

Train Back is a pain management app that combines back pain exercises to help you alleviate physical trauma, guided meditations for immediate pain relief, and lessons on the causes of your back pain to help you find the hope and healing you so desperately crave.

As you probably know, at its root severe lower back pain is caused by tissue damage, muscle imbalances, and neurological dysfunction.

The good news: all of this can be resolved with simple, targeted exercises you can easily do in the comfort of your home.

Train Back offers personalized self-treatment for lower back pain featuring the best exercises for a healthier back.

In just 15 minutes a day, our program can help you heal the physical trauma that causes your pain so you can find lasting lower back pain relief.

Recent studies have shown it’s not just physical trauma that makes chronic lower back pain so distressing – your stress response to that pain creates a negative feedback loop that feels like you’re spiraling out of control.

That’s why, as part of our multimodal approach to back pain recovery, we offer science-backed guided meditations for pain relief that help you feel more relaxed, reduce pain intensity, and gain a greater sense of control over your pain when flare-ups happen.

It’s not all in your head, but your head is involved.

Studies have shown people experience a 50% improvement in pain symptoms when exercise is combined with education.

So to supplement the relaxation techniques we teach to help you control your stress when pain flares up and the simple exercises we guide you through to heal the physical trauma, we also offer engaging lessons on lower back pain causes as well as diet and lifestyle tips to help support your recovery.

Train Back leverages multimodal pain therapy, helping you fix lower back pain through a blend of the physical, psychological and educational components.

Science-backed, quality information and best practices from multiple physicians and instructors with decades of experience between them.

Unique combination of education, mindfulness, and physical exercises – no surgery or pain medication required.

100+ guided exercise, pain science training, and mindfulness-based stress reduction video lessons.

Simple movements that can be done in the comfort of your home without special equipment in just 15 minutes a day.

With just a few brief questions about your pain history, we’ll tailor suggested lessons and exercises to your unique needs.

Access our easy to use online portal to practice and learn anytime, anywhere, on your schedule.

While we know you’re willing to pay just about anything to make your back pain go away, we’re not in the business of taking advantage of those in need.

We want to make it so immediately obvious that saying “yes” to finding back pain relief by subscribing to Train Back is the right choice that we’re offering three different plans at no-brainer prices.

Unlimited Access For Life

I hate seeing the word “guarantee” everywhere. What is it supposed to mean? Just words. Platitudes to get you to buy. So, I’m making you more than just a guarantee. It’s a personal promise to you.

See a relief in back pain this year – guaranteed! If your back pain is not relieved within this year, let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription immediately and return every penny of your investment in full.

We know you’ve struggled to find the back pain relief you so desperately need.

We know you’ve been disappointed, depressed, and frustrated with every other option you’ve explored.

That’s why we’re completely eliminating your risk with a 365-day, full year, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

If, after following your personalized back pain relief program you don’t think it’s worth at least double what you’re paying today, just contact our customer service team and we’ll get every penny back to you within a couple hours.

You could keep suffering from and struggling through your debilitating back pain… or join the hundreds of people just like you who have found the relief they needed with us.

All I had to do was 15 minutes a day for a month. It sorted my back issues way before the course ended.

Ilsa McClellandRetired Teacher, USA

This treatment method allowed me to stop using pain killer and avoid surgical intervention. I am so grateful.

Barack CavalloShipyard Worker, Italy

I had extensive pain in my lower back. Using Train Back helped me within days, allowing me to get back to work.

Mel KarlssonStudent, Sweden

All of our physical exercises are science-backed and doctor recommended (some of our expert videos feature lessons from doctors with years of experience in the field).

And we’re constantly reviewing the latest science to ensure all our pain education lessons are up to date and our recommended exercises follow current best practices.

So you can trust the recommendations we offer are sound and can help you heal.

Our pain management app offers easy, intuitive back pain treatment at home.

Answer just a few short questions about your pain history to get started, then we’ll offer videos and articles tailored to your unique needs and journey.

The chronic pain app itself is intuitive, the instructional videos are clear and easy to follow, and none of the exercises we recommend require special equipment.

And we’ve designed it to be much more convenient than searching the internet for answers, waiting for hours to see a doctor who might not be able to help, or fitting regular trips to the physical therapist into your schedule.

If you can commit to learning and exercising for just 15 minutes a day, Train Back can help you find lower back pain relief and take control of your pain.

Our exercises are designed to be easy to complete in the comfort of your home, without special equipment, in just 15 minutes a day.

In combination with the guided meditations for pain relief, we teach you how to manage your stress response during flare-ups.

Using this powerful multimodal approach, we’re confident you’ll start noticing improvements quickly – with deep, lasting relief setting in after just a couple weeks of daily practice.

We’ve chosen a multimodal approach to lower back pain treatment because it incorporates a variety of powerful techniques proven to help alleviate the stress of chronic pain and create lasting relief and healing.

A few pieces of evidence that support this:

That’s why, if you commit just 15 minutes a day to completing the personalized exercises we offer through our chronic pain app, we’re confident you can finally find the relief and recovery you’ve been searching for.

We thoroughly appreciate the frustration you’ve had with both your chronic pain and the constant search for answers you’ve embarked on to find a solution.

While we believe your health and wellbeing are worth investing in, we don’t want to be another voice offering relief at a high cost without proof we can help you heal.

That’s why we offer our 365-day, full year 100% money-back guarantee – so you can feel confident in giving our approach a chance without worrying about the cost.

And as you start to find relief and continue to use our pain management app, your recovery won’t be a financial burden.

From here, two paths lie ahead of you on your back pain journey:

You’ll continue struggling on, alone and without a plan, hoping one day your back pain will get better on its own.

While you keep doing the bare minimum to function in daily life, to not wince every time you sit or stand, to not spend the entire night tossing and turning trying to find that one perfect position that will let you get more than a couple of hours of sleep.

While you keep craning your neck, hunched over your keyboard, feeling the tension in your back continue to painfully stiffen as you search online for any new solution, any new hope for resolving your back pain or just getting a few moments of relief.

As that feeling of hopelessness continues to haunt you…

As you continue to feel trapped in your own body…

We know you don’t want that, which is why we want you to take just a moment to consider taking…

In most ways, this is the easier road to take.

Because all it takes is for you to decide, right now, that you love yourself enough to say “Yes…”

To simply click the button below, spend a few seconds entering your payment information, and commit to finding the support and healing you so desperately crave before life and pain get in the way again…

To get the personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to you, the science-backed exercise and mindfulness videos that can help you change your reaction to pain and resolve the physical trauma, the pain education videos that let you understand your pain and find hope again…

To join the countless others just like you who have found hope and healing through Train Back…

Unlimited Access For Life


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Click here to get Fix Your Back Pain With Train Back | Home at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Fix Your Back Pain With Train Back | Home is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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