Episode 755: How Fat Comes Off the Body, Staying Fit & Healthy with a Newborn & MORE

755: How Fat Comes Off the Body, Staying Fit & Healthy with a Newborn, the Truth About AspireAssist & MORE

Organifi Quah!

In this episode of Quah, sponsored by Organifi (organifi.com, code “mindpump” for 20% off), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about getting workouts in, recovery, etc with a newborn, the AspireAssist bariatric procedure, if it is true you get bigger before you get smaller and if Mind Pump would ever go to Burning Man.

Helicopter parents. The guys share childhood stories of walking to/from school and any close calls they had. (5:40)

Even “Forbes” ranked CEOs are on Tinder. Would you swipe right for this person? (12:58)
Growing up in a generation with no remotes and WALL-E. Human beings natural tendency to make things easier and efficient. The guys share their thoughts and opinions on the ever growing technology. (18:47)
Infrared blankets for your pets? Adam shares his sleeping patterns since using an infrared sauna blanket and how he has been using it for his dogs. (25:34)
3158 Dog obese and poop patrol
Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy. One step closer to legalizing marijuana based on recent FDA approval study. (36:46)
Get the benefits of cannabis without being in a state that isn’t legalized…Sal shares how he has been using Organifi turmeric for inflammation. (40:28)
The race to 5G. The guys speculate if Wi-Fi is the silver bullet that destroys us. (44:22)
How much is your microbiome influencing your thought process? The guys give their thoughts on a recent study on how exercise alters your gut microbiota composition. (51:27)
Mind Pump going on TOUR!! Taylor drops the information! (59:12)
Quah question #1 – How to get workouts in, recovery, etc. with a newborn? Advice for new parents? (1:04:39)
Quah question #2 – Thoughts on the AspireAssist bariatric procedure? (1:25:05)
Quah question #3 – Is true you get bigger before you get smaller? (1:35:00)
Quah question #4 – Would Mind Pump ever go to Burning Man? (1:48:00)

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