Epic Protein Shakes Episode 2: Oreo Chocolate Banana Bonanza

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Epic Protein Shakes. Here at Zen Dude Fitness, we always get asked about the balance of eating to get lean while still enjoying life. One of the most enjoyable ways of doing this is by making awesome tasting, nutrient dense protein shakes. Here is today’s recipe:

-5-6 ice cubes
-4 oreos
-1 banana
-2 tbsp peanut butter
-1 scoops athletic greens chocolate
-1 cups almond milk


-650-675 calories
-65-70g carbs
-25-30g fat
-30-35g protein

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21 thoughts on “Epic Protein Shakes Episode 2: Oreo Chocolate Banana Bonanza”

  1. 650 calories. Wow. If you are on a cut this is nearly half your daily allowance. Not worth consuming so many calories with a small amount of protein included. Looks nice though. Will be something to have once in a while

  2. 1:07 So if I drink an oreo milkshake after 30-40 minutes of jumping rope, will it benefit me into getting leaner? Should I then put the oreos in the 10% or 90%? I know, Dan explained it in the video but he said β€˜especially a heavy weight lifting session.’

  3. hey… just to add something different. i love the Butterfinger protein shake! 2 scoops vanilla protein or whey, which ever you're taking. 1 tablespoon of butterscotch jello mix, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and 1 cup of almond milk. so dope!

  4. hey Zen dudes! I've been fasting 14-16 hours a day for several weeks now and I'd love to try these shakes, but was wondering… are you supposed to have this right after a workout? I usually don't eat until 11 AM – noon, but will start working again soon so my workouts will be done around 5 AM. So, if the shake need to be taken right after my workout, I will break my fast. I'm used to fasting from 6PM. Not saying I would have these every day, but do want to try that oreo one!! πŸ˜€ What do you suggest? Thanks guys! And gotta add that I love to DO THE THING!! πŸ˜€

  5. bros many fitness channel tells us to completely avoid sugar or sugary food like cookies,chocolates etc..should we really avoid sugar, breads,chocolates etc to have zen dude body or is that restrictions only for bodybuilders?tell in detail if you can.

  6. YO! I loved your last shake video and this one was prime too! Really dig how you throw in the macros at the end, makes it easy for lazy freaks such as myself ^^ Consider doing meals too (make sure they're brain dead though, or the lazy freaks won't get on board), and get a food/nutrition playlist happening! Btw I don't want to be telling you guys what to do, just throwing out some suggestions. Love what you guys do and what you're about. Keep doing the thing. Looking forward to the next food related video, pce cunts (^:p <– that's my hat

  7. Just a quick question , in a previous video you mentioned my fitness pal and I was just wondering do the HIT jump rope workouts fall under the " jump rope fast " category when I import my work out in the app. Thanks and I'd really appreciate if you could get back to me with what you think .

  8. Man….I'm loving these videos!! These shakes are no doubt undercover plutonium-239…. that's right!!!!the bomb!!I've been using your recipes and love them!! Don't stop now!! These shakes are going down……just like a basement!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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