Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication

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Want to learn an easy technique to practise telepathic communication? In this video, I share with you a step-by-step technique you can use to send a telepathic message to someone. Although there are many telepathy techniques out there, most of them require extensive training and practice. I believe that mind to mind communication through telepathic connection isn’t a gift that only a few people have. I believe that we’re all born with “telepathic communication how to” instilled in us, and it’s up to us to remember how to do it.

Whether you want to master telepathic communication with animals or telepathic communication between lovers, or you just want to establish a telepathic connection with someone, this short telepathy meditation and technique will help you do so. Get ready to awaken your telepathy power and master mind communication.

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Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t79hLOvEd3g&list=PLC0oYvHX3hpR78IuYFXpf9GBEOsBqnReX&index=11

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Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t79hLOvEd3g


32 thoughts on “Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication”

  1. It worked for me 😁 when i get in my classroom i have a friend jeremy who is always active so i can telepath easily and i knew he is gonna do that so i got into this conversation to jeremy he said "hi fernan!" i said to my self (he is gonna dab) i just stared a while at him then he dabbed 🤣

  2. My brother and I got into it pretty bad. Started yelling and crying. Just negativity. It was built up tension waiting to be released. I left and as soon as I got in my car I asked for forgiveness and told him I loved him through telepathy. The next time I saw him, the energy was completely different. Both of us

  3. Hi.
    3 years ago my best friend and i used this video to develop telepathic abilities to help us communicate when we live in different countries. Im here to tell you that it worked. Thank you for this. This isnt a joke we are telepathic now and i believe that

  4. When I think negative it comes to positive answer. But if I think positive the answer becomes negative.
    By the way sometimes when I talk to my parents I know what are they going to say. Example they will say "It's" but I will hear the word first and then their mouth will come after.
    Sometimes I can hear someone talking very quiet from far away.

  5. I have a bit of a sad story but this seems relevant. So one my mum had a friend who was her mother's friend and she was really REALLY close to that friend. One day my mum heard about some bushfires going on (not the recent ones in Australia) and as she was watching the news she all of a sudden got this bad sick feeling in her stomach and just thought of her friend. Turned out that the friend had unfortunately died to the fire and it was like my mum could sense it. Anyway she wouldn't really speak about this story much.

  6. I don't think that we have to do some physical things to send a telepathic message to someone I think when your mind is strong enough you can just do it by thinking

  7. Long time ago ,I met a girl and her friend .They needed a ride. They got in My car. I had an overwhelming quick thought on one, that I knew what Her name was.Actually heard it in a strange sense. So I asked Her , it was the exact name . I was stunned and did not tell Her about it. We ended up as close friends. Where does these thoughts come from..

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