EASY FITNESS TIPS for a Healthier 2018 #12: Do Turkish Get-Ups (with How-To)

A full-body, strengthening, mobility-enhancing, cardio-boosting exercise you need to know? Turkish Get-Ups. Starting these or doing them more often is my Fit Tip #12 for you for a healthy 2018.

This video will show you how to do a Turkish Get-Up exercise with a kettlebell, and explain why these are such a great workout. Use them as a warm-up to loosen up your body and get more mobile before your workout, or make them a major part of your workout with a heavier bell. These are an amazing core workout, requiring a lot of stability and balance, and will improve shoulder stability and strengthen your legs as well.

One little tip – if these hurt your wrists (as they do mine when I use a heavy weight), use a weight lifting wrist wrap (you can get it here: http://shrsl.com/qfec) , or maybe even a sweat band to provide some cushion between your skin and the bell.


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