Dr. Gary Samuelson on Redox Signaling Molecules

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In the last decade, the science of Epigenetics has been experiencing rapid and dramatic breakthroughs in understanding how the environment of the cells is far more important to the health of a cell than the genetic blueprint in the DNA. One of those breakthroughs has been in stabilizing a certain type of molecule called Redox Signaling Molecules, which are essential in eliminating oxidation. Atomic physicist Dr. Gary Samuelson explains this new understanding of cell function, and how it has led to the development of supplements and a skin care product based on this technology for the ASEA company. From his home in Utah, Dr. Samuelson explains (in terms that even our rather dim host can understand) the definition of redox, what is being signaled, and why this could be such a dramatic new way to address the core problem in any chronic disease–inflammation.

Times in this cast:
3:13 – This week’s calendar
7:00 – Interview with Dr. Samuelson

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Gary Samuelson on Redox Signaling Molecules”

  1. Love this. Explains it beautifully. Everything starts at the molecular level. Everything else will follow. This is a tool to good health. Eat clean, drink plenty of fluids and take products to feed your cells and body. The molecules wil make sure all you do works smoothly. To your health. Blessings to all. Shalom.

  2. Mahalo Dr. Gary….our daughter just met you in Dallas at the ASEA conf….so grateful for the science you have worked on to bring this product to the world…research has shown ASEA increases your master antioxidant, Glutathione, by 500%….

  3. It seems like a good health product . Patrick holford has been talking about anti oxidants for years and he has been vilified by the conventional medics . He has by the way been offering totally food related solutions to this same problem . The main problem appears to be a vicious circle between blood sugar and mood and toxicity from stress . The drink will detox you but it won't pay your mortgage . Mental health is threatened daily with comtact with people and situations causing stress which may cause you to eat poorly and damage your system. The main thing is eliminate as much stress as you can .drinkmwater eat healthy and of you get stressed relax it off in the evenings or during the moment and if you get toxic go to a chinsese herbalist or acupuncturist to get fast recovery . Conventional doctors stamp forms and look after sprains and bruises and poor ould creature that have no family to,take care of them .

  4. the last part where they are talking about financing research ..
    (i guess much of the money goes into marketing not research)

    i personally think it is a system in a dilemma (tit for tat / patenting everything / continuous wars etc), which can not be resolved with our current thinking ..

    there has to be a change, collapse or phasing out of the old system .. else i guess not much will be left standing
    there are some ideas coming up .. like the ubuntu movement, unconditional basic income or becoming vegan (watch cowspiracy) etc.

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